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Lunar Partners With Seabin To Tackle Plastic Waste in the Ocean With New Spending Feature

Nordic challenger bank Lunar has joined forces with Australian cleantech startup Seabin Projects to tackle the amount of rubbish being tipped into the sea to protect the environment. 

Lunar wants to empower the users’ impact when they spend as it plans to roll out a new feature that will enable its 200,000 users to clean the oceans from plastic when they spend from any Lunar card. Users can follow their impact locally and in real-time in the app. To further support its case in preventing plastic waste, Lunar has switched to degradable cards.

Customers in Denmark, Sweden and Norway can enable the feature in the app and donate between DKK 1-5 for every DKK 1000 spent. Lunar will top up all donations with 2%.

“We are thrilled to launch an impact feature that is truly user-driven and that will undoubtedly drive engagement,” said Ken Villum Klausen, founder and CEO of Lunar. “Being able to make a difference when you spend is one the most requested features from our community and they’ve spoken very clearly about plastic pollution as the top issue to address together.

“To empower our users we also need to make a few changes to our own footprint and products. We are bolstering our virtual-card-only option for all accounts, switching to degradable cards and re-thinking how we work in a newly established Lunar Labs with sustainability as the main driver.”

All Lunar users have the option to go 100% digital and get an account with a virtual card that can be used with Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Lunar is also phasing out all plastic cards and switches to degradable PVC cards made from 57% sea salt and less dependent on oil than any other plastic.

Lunar joins forces with cleantech Seabin

To create the most tangible impact Lunar has teamed up with Australian cleantech startup Seabin Project to clean oceans from plastic.

The Seabin unit is a “trash skimmer” designed to be installed in the water of Marinas, Yacht Clubs, ports and any water body with a calm environment and suitable services available.

Lunar will install Seabin units in the Nordic countries to make local impact possible as well. Worldwide there are 860 Seabin units capturing 3,612.8 kg. of plastic every day. In order for Lunar’s users to see the impact they are having on their communities, half of the contributions will fund Nordic Seabins close to where they are.

All Lunar customers can enable the new feature and automatically clean plastic from the ocean every time they spend on their cards. For every DKK 1000 (EUR 135) spent the user can donate an optional amount of DKK 1-5. Lunar will top up all donations with 2%.

Every time a new community goal is reached a new Seabin will be set up in the Nordic countries.


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