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Lumio have partnered with PensionBee!

With our most recent update, we have taken another step towards providing our customers with total financial clarity and control. Alongside your bank, savings, credit and investments, you can now also connect your PensionBee account ?.

PensionBee has been one of the most requested partners, so we are thrilled to launch this for our community. PensionBee has been at the forefront of pioneering a new way for people to see their pensions and it is great to have them join us on our mission to enable everyone to take control of their financial future.

Jasper Martens, CMO of PensionBee, highlights:

“PensionBee’s mission is very much aligned with that of Lumio: making your finances simple to understand so you can feel confident with them. We’re excited to become part of Lumio’s product and offer a simple way to combine and see your old pensions alongside your bank account, savings and credit cards. Making Lumio users pension confident with PensionBee is fantastic!”

Tom Richardson, our co-founder and CPO, highlights:

“Our vision is to enable everyone to take control of their financial future. Pensions are a key part of that, so working with PensionBee and integrating their API was one of the key steps we wanted to take for our customers. Ensuring they have their full financial picture is core to our mission.”

We are delighted to be embarking on this journey together and can’t wait to hear more of our customers’ experience connecting and tracking their PensionBee accounts through Lumio.


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