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Linedata Announces New AI Asset Management Platform to Help Navigate Pandemic Uncertainty

Linedata, a global provider of credit and asset management technology, data and services, has unveiled its latest innovation, Asset Management Platform – Linedata AMP. The dynamic suite of tools provides asset managers with an always-on approach to software, data and services by leveraging cloud technology to offer continuous integration and drive adaptability.

The rapidly changing nature of the asset management industry has increased the pressures to adapt to digital transformation, overcome regulatory hurdles, streamline business costs and meet the needs of a globalized customer base. Linedata created AMP with a modular design to help the industry solve these challenges and ensure asset managers can constantly and quickly serve their customers. 

Ed Gouldstone, Global Head of R&D for Asset Management at Linedata said: “The economic environment created by covid-19 has meant that asset managers are operating through a period of extreme volatility. The result is that client behaviour is increasingly hard to predict and when things get busy, warning signs are harder to spot. Linedata Analytics Service leverages advanced machine learning to provide analysis combining CRM client behaviour and investment system data, providing daily risk level assessments and alerting the manager when a client might be thinking of leaving the firm. This is a huge boon for helping increase client retention during these difficult times, enabling fund managers and advisors to proactively communicate with clients and mitigate loss of that revenue stream.

“The AI analyses both structured and unstructured data to produce a score determining the strength of the client relationship. While natural language processing analyses email and phone communications and captures this in the CRM to provide sentiment analysis, data such as trading frequency and volume is also analysed to provide a holistic risk assessment. This is particularly crucial for high-net-worth clients that have a significant impact the firm’s revenue.

“Operational errors are also much more common on very busy days, such as trades being booked incorrectly, which can have major compliance and reputational repercussions. The Linedata Analytics Service helps predict riskier days based on market activity and previous trading history at a group or trade level, alerting managers ahead of time to ensure vigilance. As we progress through the pandemic, models assessing various client challenges continue to provide insights from new data allowing managers to react ahead of the curve.”

The AI and machine learning used in Linedata AMP is unique as it operates based on the most relevant data rather than going down the big data route. Combined with a team of experts across operations, asset management and AI/ML, they work together with the client to develop a focused proof of concept and collect the data that is most relevant, storing this in a cloud-based data lake created for that specific instance. This means that Linedata clients do not have to spend unnecessary resources and are provided with a unique source of truth.

The service is continuously maintained by Linedata on behalf of clients, and the models are constantly refined and replaced as client data changes over time. This ensures the accuracy and relevancy of the models as behaviour matures through the business lifecycle.



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