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Lift Off for To The Moon’s New FinTel Offering

As a direct response to the increasing importance of mobile phones to large swathes of the general population, both financial and network capabilities have been combined in the latest offering from the future-focused mobile network To The Moon.

The mobile network, which was launched during the turbulence of 2020, has announced the arrival of the first debit card and mobile network combination to hit the UK market; delivering better access to the FinTel needs of an increasingly digital audience.

The launch will allow users to manage their network and finance needs through just one single interface.

To the Moon Mobile’s hybrid service is a direct response to the developing behaviours and needs of its tech-savvy and digitally native consumers, who prefer to manage most of their networks, subscriptions, and banking services from the comfort and convenience of their mobile devices.

Unlike other competing challenger banks, the new To The Moon service benefits from offering two crucial services through just one access point. The consolidated approach combines their flexible data bundles with the finance in one offering, which can be established without the need to provide ID, when having a To The Moon Mobile account.

With this streamlined and tech-centred approach, To The Moon has the capabilities to make their clients’ lives a little simpler; from buying a new SIM, to ordering a debit card, changing your data bundle, or tracking all finance operations, notifications about transactions. The hassle-free service will be available in both GBP and EUR currencies.

It should also be noted that for the first 1000 customers to join, To The Moon will offer a special orange limited edition card, whilst also offering a £10 welcome bonus to all their mobile customers who decide to use the debit account.

Andy Hallam, CEO, To The Moon UK
Andy Hallam, CEO, To The Moon UK

Speaking on the combination of both network and financial services, To The Moon UK CEO, Andy Hallam says: “Younger consumers are now accessing social media apps years before they can open an actual bank account, which means traditional financial institutions are lagging behind in how they want to operate – with everything at the touch of one button.

“By consolidating the management of an ongoing monthly outgoing (like a mobile contract) with a banking system that sits within the same interface, users will be able to keep better track of their spending, whilst also being able to adjust their flexible mobile data and call plans each month according to their needs. We believe FinTel is the future.”


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