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Searching for Mana: Life Insurance That Inspires Life and Employee Wellbeing | Sammy Rubin, YuLife

Sammy Rubin (Founder and CEO of YuLife) sits down with Lloyd to talk about how his company brings together life insurance, wellbeing & rewards in one simple app. 

After entering the industry with his Computer Science degree from Imperial College London, he co-founded Policy Portfolio with his father from their family’s dining room table and became the youngest Director of a publicly listed company on the London Stock Exchange. He was later a founding CEO of PruProtect, the first life insurance company in the UK to reward healthy behaviour, which later became Vitality Life. Following his personal experience and passion, he is now a Founder and CEO of YuLife – the world’s first lifestyle insurance company, with personal wellbeing at its core.

In this episode, Lloyd and Sammy discuss the ways YuLife transforms traditional life insurance and employee benefits into life-enhancing experiences – including mental wellbeing, financial wellbeing and social wellbeing with a healthy dose of gamification. Later they delve into Sammy’s entrepreneurial experience in the life insurance industry since the age of 21, sharing his life-changing personal experience that has transformed his values and life ever since. 

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Episode Highlights:

02:00: Intersecting life insurance & tech & wellbeing

11:37: Mental, financial and social wellbeing

24:45: A paradigm shift in employee protection and wellbeing

28:42: The starts of Sammy’s entrepreneurial journey 

36:00: YuLife as a purpose-driven company, Serendipity and Gratitude

43:15: Looking forward in life post-COVID


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