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KPMG Opens Centre of Excellence for Metaverse and Digital Twins

KPMG Saudi Arabia has joined forces with Microsoft, Ericsson and Metakey to accelerate the application of metaverse in KSA as well as the wider Middle East.

The auditing and advisory firm has established a Centre of Excellence (CoE) for metaverse and digital twins. It launched the Centre at LEAP Conference 2023, a four-day annual tech convention held in Riyadh.

KPMG will leverage Microsoft’s infrastructure and gaming platform as well as Ericsson’s 5G technology and network. It also chose Metakey as its technical partner to develop 3D objects. Part of the CoE’s objectives to is to help organisations build digital twin objects, processes and assets.

Maz Hussain, head of digital lighthouse at KPMG in Saudi Arabia, said: “We have seen an immense commitment from the government to invest in metaverse and to explore the public utility of the technology. With the launch of the Centre of Excellence, we are proud to bring together a team of experts and organisations to really drive these initiatives forward.

“A digital-first principle is to be applied across all the services to be delivered from this CoE, which means that the CoE will provide an incubation function to several technology capabilities that will be required to deliver a differentiated offering to the market. Metaverse will help make Saudi firms more competitive and open up global opportunities.”

According to KPMG, metaverse will position Saudi Arabia on a global stage, creating safe, secure environments to facilitate Saudi business and society within national policies with the CoE being the stepping stone towards the achievement of this overall target.

As part of the CoE, KPMG has allocated a dedicated co-investment fund for Metaverse use-cases in Saudi Arabia. An advisory board of global ecosystem partners as well as a dedicated team of specialists from academia and industry will guide the CoE.


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