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Koine Completes Its Digital Business Banking Offering Through Partnership With ARIE Capital Bank

Koine, the provider of segregated, institutional custody and settlement services for digital assets, has partnered with the world’s first fully-regulated native digital investment banking services platform, ARIE Capital Investment Mauritius (ACBM), enabling ACBM to offer a complete digital banking service for fiat and digital assets.

This partnership will add to ACBM’s already-impressive line-up of financial and banking services. Among other services, ACBM’s proprietary digital platform allows for multi-account and multi-currency management within one simple and convenient dashboard, with a focus on providing regulated cross-border transactions, investments, and international banking.

Cross-border security

ACBM’s international client base will now be able to benefit from Koine’s cutting edge, post-trade custody and settlement solution, allowing clients to see their fiat and digital holdings in one ledger through their ACBM platform.

Established in late 2017 and live since 2019, ACBM aims to reinvent the way in which business and investment banking address clients’ needs in the digital era, particularly for multi-entities, corporates and sophisticated investors with significant cross-border activity.

Licensed by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority as an Electronic Money Institution for the issuance of electronic money, Koine is specifically designed for institutional investors to mitigate counterparty, insolvency and credit risks from trading on exchanges.

Hugh Hughes, Chairman and CEO at Koine, said: “We are pleased to be working with ACBM, enabling the bank to utilise our FCA regulated eco-system for its clients’ custody and settlement needs. At Koine, our focus has always been to drive the adoption of digital assets within institutional finance, and working with the world’s first regulated, digitally native investment bank is an important step.

“This partnership is a good demonstration of the favourable market reaction to Koine’s ultra-secure scalable institutional-grade solution for custody and settlement; a consolidation of our reputation as the platform of choice for institutions. Clients value our proprietary technology, extensive sector knowledge and constructive engagement with regulators in multiple jurisdictions, and we’re pleased to offer this to ACBM.”

ARIE Capital is also behind the world’s first fully-regulated native digital investment banking services platform, ARIE Capital Investment Mauritius (ACBM), which offers a proprietary digital platform with a focus on cross-border transactions, investments, and international banking.

Secure digital asset provider

Koine’s unique security model, which deploys Digital Airlocks, replaces the cold storage and hot wallet model that can compromise the security of private keys as a result of still needing employee access to account information. By combining this new digital asset security model, Koine provides a post-trade solution of settlement and segregated custody services for digital assets, plus settlement for digital assets versus fiat money, that is suitable for traditional capital markets.

Simon Tobelem, Group CEO at ACBM said: “When we looked for a digital asset provider, it was extremely important that they shared the same connected, most secure and evolutionary technology to serve our international client base. Koine fits that profile perfectly. ACBM’s vision is to make banking accessible and cost-effective with a modular, intuitive and customisable platform, and using Koine’s services is a strong additional step to making sure that we serve our clients as seamlessly as possible.”


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