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Juno Evolves From Roman Goddess to Customer Service AI Bot – DNB Integrates’s Juno

In order to ensure they are offering their customers a tailored experience, many financial organisations are now turning to AI. One successful example of AI implementation is DNB, the Nordic Bank. It has implemented five virtual agents to operate across customer and employee-facing use cases, one of which, ‘Juno’, was provided by Boost.AI, the conversational AI platform. 

In 2020, DNB launched Juno to assist its customer service agents and advisors in accessing various routines to best serve its customers. Furthermore, the bot enables agents to locate key information needed which in turn accelerates inquiry response times. Since Juno’s launch, the Boost.AI platform has answered over two million inquiries, equating to roughly 1200 users daily.

In the current climate, organisations need to be careful with their resource allocation. Therefore, finding multi-purpose technology is essential to saving money. Juno helps DNB achieve this as it provides answers across multiple business units without requiring each unit to have its own standalone bot. Filtering enables Juno to tailor its replies so that agents receive a unique, department-specific response. This is in place of a generic one.

The bot is not a one-time solution, however. Rather, its feedback function allows it to improve and enhance its functionality. According to, it received feedback 16 times per day.

The AI bot has the capability to delve into over 3400 topics. Each topic is further customised towards seven different areas within the bank, split between the corporate banking and private market. On average, Juno answered seven questions per user each day. Through 2022, this equated to 2.1 million questions, all with an 83 per cent success rate for providing a valid answer. Furthermore, conversations with the bot could sometimes last up to eight hours too.

Not a sole worker

DNB and’s partnership has spanned years. In this time, the Nordic bank has been able to integrate other services into its infrastructure. Aino was DNB’s previous customer-facing virtual agent. The bot revealed over 10000 fully automated daily consumer interactions. Additionally, it covered 2500 topics from day one with an eight-week lead time to get the agent up and running.

Not even a year since its implementation and Aino has automated over 50 per cent of all incoming chat traffic, all the while interacting with over a million customers. As well as Aino and Juno, Hugo assists employees with HR-related queries. Another bot, Fix, handles incoming inquiries to DNB’s IT service desk. Lastly, DNB has a virtual agent named Justina to assist employees with legal questions.

Jan Thomas Lerstein, head of emerging technology at DNB, said: “With Juno, we have created a feature-rich conversational interface for our customer service agents, providing much more than just a traditional chat service. Juno has become an application of its own.”

Sanjeev Kumar, VP of EMEA at, commented: “DNB is one of many forward-thinking financial organisations that are reaping the benefits of embracing a conversational AI solution. DNB has shown that conversational AI transforms the customer and employee experience and provides exciting new opportunities for staff to focus their attention and ingenuity on more interesting tasks.

“These latest results highlight the scope of conversational AI’s abilities, the customer service results are clear to see, but now we have stats to show how transformative virtual agents can be for internal productivity too. Virtual agents can significantly streamline customer service from both the customer and employee side and become an indispensable digital colleague for internal employees.”


  • Francis is a journalist and our lead LatAm correspondent, with a BA in Classical Civilization, he has a specialist interest in North and South America.

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