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July at The Fintech Times: Ethical Finance

This July at The Fintech Times website we put the spotlight firmly on ethical finance – join us for industry insight on the key talking points.

Whether you call it ethical banking or ethical finance or ethical investing – the ethical part of all these terms describes a financial system that embraces environmentally and socially-conscious practices.

It’s all about the consideration of ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors, making money work for positive change and a focus on people, the environment or culture.

This is certainly proving to be a hot topic – especially when two-thirds of consumers want their bank or financial institution to become more sustainable in future, according to a recent report from cloud banking platform Mambu.

Throughout the month, we will share thoughts and predictions from leaders and experts at companies across the industry as we dive into talking points, such as:

❔What is ethical banking/ finance?
❔What is driving the surge in ethical banking/finance?
❔Are banks on board with ethical investment streams?
❔Is ethical finance changing how the whole industry operates?
❔How are millennials and gen-z driving the increase in ethical finance?
❔How will consumer adoption change ethical finance?
❔What do investment funds think about ethical finance?
❔What are the associated verticals of ethical banking/finance?
❔How to avoid greenwashing?
❔What are the industry’s key concerns?

Keep visiting our Monthly Topic section for all our ethical finance coverage. But in the meantime, why not watch our webinar on how we can use fintech to make banking more ethical.

Also keep an eye out for the new edition of The Fintech Times newspaper – out in July – which will delve into ethical finance as one its key topics this issue.



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