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JobLab, a London-based technology startup that helps businesses hire graduate talent, has announced plans to build the Google for Candidates, a search engine based recruitment tool, after closing their second round of funding in August this year. 

The round was led by early-stage VC Earlymarket LLP. Five additional investors participated to close the round shortly after opening. JobLab aims to use the investment money to advance their search and ranking technology while increasing their candidate acquisition efforts. The team believe their technology will replace traditional recruitment agencies and has already been used by thousands of employers looking to hire in days.

JobLab was founded in 2015 by Chief Executive Aidan Cramer and co-founder Matt Sinderberry. Both friends from school who felt the pain and inefficiency of the job market first hand after graduating from university in 2014.

It began by helping university students land internships at startups, but later moved into full-time roles and is now adjusting the focus once again to enable growing tech companies to source graduate sales talent. The platform will utilise machine learning, human screening, and video analysis to accelerate and streamline the hiring process.

Aidan explains, “The platform is in a strong position to support this sector pivot. The demand for young, on-demand, sales talent is insatiable, yet there is no platform providing direct access to these candidates. Our search and ranking algorithm improves every time it’s used so we’ve been amassing some incredibly valuable recruitment data, ensuring only the best matches are shown to employers.

Our Video Cover Letters are also proving to be the perfect tool for pre-screening, where culture fit and confidence is pivotal…In a busy space, using this funding to nail one sector and having a maniacal product focus is going to be key to our future growth.” The platform now has over 25,000 registered candidates, is working with over 70 UK universities, and has helped companies like Apple, The Post Office, and WorldFirst among their 2,000+ registered employers.

Aidan Cramer, JobLab 


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