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Italian Bank Credem Steps up Digital Strategy With Temenos Infinity Cloud Technology

The banking software company Temenos has announced that Credito Emiliano (Credem), one of the most prominent banks in Italy, has gone live with a new mobile app, based on cloud-native Temenos Infinity, to accelerate its digital banking strategy.

Banks using Temenos Infinity saw customer engagement increase by up to 300% on their apps in 2020, with the fastest-growing segment being among baby boomers and Gen Xers.

Operating through the public cloud, Temenos Infinity will make it quicker and easier for Credem to develop frictionless, personalised, and secure digital banking services that will help it attract new customers and drive long-term customer loyalty.

Credem has already launched a fully renewed mobile app developed within just nine months using Temenos Infinity. The new app offers a basic set of features for personal customers and, thanks to the speed of the Temenos Infinity service, will be enriched with new features in a continuous approach to growth.

A version of the app that specifically serves the needs of SMEs is expected to follow within the next few months. It includes features that make it easy and convenient to move money, view transactions, check and manage cards, including the re-charge of pre-paid cards and phone tops ups, and initiate an instant chat with customer support agents or view the locations of nearest ATMs.

In the already highly competitive Italian market, Credem’s new app with its advanced customer interface and user experience will enhance the bank’s digital reputation and give it an edge to compete with larger banks and ultimately gain its own respectable portion of market share.

Through utilising a low-code development platform, Temenos Infinity allows Credem to cultivate intuitive and highly engaging digital experiences; in turn simplifying the process whilst saving time and money. It will also allow Credem to reimagine exactly how it engages with its customer base through digital and physical channels.

At an administrative level, Temenos Infinity will provide a dedicated portal for bank staff to directly manage and assist account holders in their banking journeys. It accumulates detailed account holder records to be used exclusively by the banker in a convenient web-based interface, with data mirroring that of what the account holder would see from their own mobile or online interface.

Fabio Caliceti, Head of Digital Channels, Credito Emiliano
Fabio Caliceti, Head of Digital Channels, Credito Emiliano

“With Temenos, we have been able to quickly develop a mobile banking experience to compete with the very best in Italy,” comments Fabio Caliceti, Head of Digital Channels at Credito Emiliano. “Temenos Infinity gives us the platform we need to efficiently build and manage exceptional digital banking experiences that keep pace with changing customer needs. It is strategic to our digital growth plans and enables us to future-proof our customer relationships.”

David Macdonald, President of Temenos Europe added, “Digital innovation in banking is thriving in Italy, and it’s an important market for Temenos where we have a strong and growing presence. So we are delighted Credem has selected our digital banking platform to accelerate its digital strategy. Credem has shown how Temenos Infinity can deliver outstanding digital mobile experiences in a very short timeframe. Customer expectations are constantly evolving, but with the continuous innovation and deployment capabilities of the platform, Credem will always be one step ahead of the competition.”

Credem is running Temenos Infinity on the public cloud with Amazon Web Services to achieve hyper-scaled efficiency, security, and resilience for its digital banking services. Temenos Infinity is cloud-native and cloud-agnostic and also available as a SaaS offering on The Temenos Banking Cloud.

Temenos Infinity drives customer acquisition and digital banking engagement with its advanced analytics, enabling financial institutions to increase digital revenues 5-fold, whilst cutting the customer onboarding time by 75%. Financial institutions that use Temenos Infinity report a 20% higher Net Promoter Score.

Following the successful launch of its mobile app, Credem has announced plans to further leverage Temenos Infinity in order to enhance the customer experience for internet banking; which is due later in 2021.


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