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Interest in Dogecoin on Google Spikes by 3000% in 2021, Fueled in Part by Elon Musk

Data acquired by cryptocurrency trading simulator Crypto Parrot indicates that the global interest in dogecoin had surged by 3,233% between January and May 9, 2021, when it peaked with a popularity score of 100. During the same period, dogecoin’s price has spiked by 12,650%.

The United States has recorded the highest interest in the meme-coin on Google Search with a peak score of 100, followed by Turkey at 86. Canada ranks third with a popularity score of 76. The asset has a popularity score of 62 in Singapore, followed by the Netherlands with 61.

Other countries recording a high volume of interest in dogecoin include Australia (50), Austria (44), Nigeria (42), Ireland (41), and Slovenia (39)

Dogecoin emerges as the emblem of meme investing

The rise in dogecoin began in early 2021, and the report explores the trigger for the spike in interest.

According to the research report: “In general, Dogecoin’s momentum began building after investors were eager to find out the next big hit after the excitement around GameStop and other stocks faltered. GameStop stock surged after members of the famous WallStreetBets subreddit rallied the price to new levels. Dogecoin has, therefore, emerged as an emblem of meme investing, a trend that has helped drive up the stocks of GameStop. These stocks have flipped the traditional concept of value on its head.”

The rise in dogecoin culminated in the asset hitting a new all-time high of $0.73. Notably, the interest was also sparked by celebrities. However, Tesla founder Elon Musk has been at the centre of the asset’s extraordinary price movement. He regularly tweets in support of the asset.

Interest in dogecoin peaked on May 9, reflecting Elon Musk’s debut as the host of Saturday Night Live. Before the show, Musk had declared himself as the ‘Dogefather’, and the asset witnessed a massive inflow of capital from investors who were projecting a surge in price. Most people did not want to miss out on the dogecoin buzz stemming from Musk’s SNL appearance. During the show, Musk also had a sketch on dogecoin driving interest in the asset. Interestingly, dogecoin’s popularity around the show did not have the desired impact on the price.

Musk has made no secret of being a fan of cryptocurrencies, regularly tweeting about them and influencing their value. However recently he announced that Tesla would no longer be accepting bitcoin as payment for their vehicles due to climate concerns.


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