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Integral Digital Launched to Support Crypto and Stablecoin Trading

Integral, a currency technology provider to the financial markets, announced the launch of Integral Digital. This is a full extension of its trading and client distribution platform to support cryptocurrencies and fiat-backed stablecoins.

Integral Digital was developed in conjunction with Mint Exchange Inc., an institutional crypto exchange. The new platform supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar, CoDEX and 100+ ERC-20 tokens.

Services include aggregation and connectivity to over 30 crypto liquidity providers, desktop and mobile client trading, risk management, and hot and cold wallet custody solutions. Integral Digital is available on a monthly subscription basis and can easily integrate with in-house and third-party providers via FIX and Rest APIs.

In addition, Integral Digital offers a fully integrated Prime Brokerage solution. It provides direct market access to multiple exchanges and market makers via a single account. This further maximises netting across multiple venues and significantly reducing collateral requirements.

Harpal Sandhu, CEO of Integral
Harpal Sandhu, CEO of Integral

Harpal Sandhu, CEO of Integral said:

“In one big step, Integral is reshaping the landscape of digital asset technology. By extending the leading fiat currency technology, which processes more than $1trillion in monthly transactions, digital asset businesses no longer need to settle for sub-par technology and credit solutions.

“Together with our partners at Mint Exchange we are able to bring direct connectivity to every major source of crypto liquidity combined with state-of-the-art custody solutions and the highest availability trading infrastructure, all delivered from our cloud datacenters in New York, London, Tokyo and Singapore.”


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