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InstaVal launches a DIY automated online business valuation tool that provides Co-VID 19 sensitive business valuation reports

Dubai, UAE – Digital investment banking platform is disrupting the corporate finance consumer experience from the ground up. InstaVal, an investment readiness and investor matching platform launches a DIY automated online business valuation tool that provides reliable, fast, affordable, Co-VID 19 sensitive business valuation reports for private companies.

Its proprietary technology is based on IPEV compliant business valuation methods and machine learning predictive models. The algorithm requires user input, 40 data points spanned over 30 business questions, i.e. fundamentals, financials and transactional parameters, in order to instantly deliver a one-pager valuation report in a PDF format “InstaPager.”

“InstaVal drastically lowers the barrier to reach relatively accurate results, fast with the right level of trust and at the fraction of the cost,” says Jordan Wahbeh, Managing Partner at Bay Angels.

While the technology is made for literally any industry, any size and any country, tech founders and SME owners will find it particularly useful to gauge their strategic options in the current market conditions, i.e. (i) Raise Money (ii) Merge with Competition (iii) or Sell the Business.

“For either economic path, they’d have to put a price tag on the asset, i.e. work out an independent fair market business valuation,” says Akram El Youssi, Founder & CEO.

So far, the platform has valued 10,000+ early stage companies, operating in 40+ industries, located in 50+ countries. “The Instaval platform brings structure and direction to startups, looking to build a clearer picture of how to value their business and approach investors,” says Kevin Kilty, CEO & Founder at HubPay.

Being Co-VID 19 sensitive goes beyond the algorithmic capabilities. Actually, InstaVal offers to entrepreneurs a full waiver for its Angel Plan, already affordably priced at $100. Users will be able to have as many iterations and business valuation reports as they wish of the same venture for 1 full month, using code NOCOVIDNOW.

About InstaVal
InstaVal is the first data-driven digital investment banking platform, in the Middle East Africa
region. Licensed and based in DIFC, the company promotes equity investments in startups and
scale-ups by helping founders and investors close more deals, efficiently and fairly.


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