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Ingenico ARC Capabilities Integrated Into All AXIUM Platform Terminals Within the US

Paytech, Ingenico has introduced its AXIUM Retail Core (ARC) capabilities onto all its AXIUM platform terminals within the US. ARC is Ingenico’s fully integrated terminal application, providing integrators and merchants with a high degree of backwards compatibility and reliability to link their payment services with other widely used systems. To grant integrators access to all.

The Ingenico ARC service supports legacy RBA and UPP APIs and is available on all AXIUM devices. This enables merchants to leverage this integration for any use case within the North American market. Both integrated and semi-integrated solutions are available to provide businesses with a payment system that uniquely suits their needs. Additionally, it meets stringent security requirements and offers an improved consumer experience.

ARC functionality also enables a variety of new features. These include: an enhanced screen designer with native Android layouts designed using Android Studio, the ability for customers to create their own UI engine, and the capability for customers to put their mobile app on any AXIUM device.

While other companies have built their software around existing or new terminals, Ingenico took a different approach. It opted to focus on the quality and long-term functionality of the platform first. “Ingenico approached the building of this ARC solution from a platform standpoint, not one based around the terminals that would deploy it,” explained Peter Stewart, head of North America region for Ingenico.

Ingenico has completed several successful pilots for their ARC solution in the North American region and the platform has delivered a substantial ROI for the involved participants. As an enterprise-grade, fully customisable solution, ARC enabled the companies involved to provide their customers with a more immersive payment experience.

Speaking on the success of these pilots  Peter Stewart added: “Our team has successfully worked to ensure that we created a solid, secure and flexible platform that would ensure easier backward integration for merchants. The ARC solution furthers Ingenico’s reputation as the chosen and trusted payment technology partner for retailers, acquires, banks, ISOs and ISVs and we are excited to roll it out further across North America.”


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