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Inaugural Edition of the Journal of the British Blockchain Association Launched

The British Blockchain Association (BBA), a blockchain organisation dedicated to driving greater understanding and adoption of blockchain technology, has delivered the first print edition of their peer reviewed journal exclusively dedicated to blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies and cryptocurrencies. The Journal of the British Blockchain Association (JBBA) provides a forum for authors to share blockchain research including: ‘proofs of concepts’, knowledge transfer, ‘proofs of impact’ and experimentation across a wide range of industries and technologies in which Blockchain is being deployed.

The JBBA has been hailed as the most robust platform for evaluation, critical review and dissemination of blockchain research and scholarly work in the field of distributed Ledger technologies.

In an exclusive interview with the JBBA, Lord Holmes of Richmond MBE, Vice Chair of the UK All Party Parliamentary Group for Blockchain, said: “Peer-review is a critical part of the process of becoming a trusted source of information because it builds authority and leads to increased collaboration and creativity, so I welcome the arrival of the journal and look forward to reading it.”

In times full of uncertainty, there was an emergent need to establish a scientific platform which provides objective blockchain research resources and helping the blockchain community in the advancement of academia by publishing the very best in scholarly blockchain research. The JBBA will help separate fact from fiction, providing evidence based, objective analysis and a thorough peer review of the articles, undertaken by some of the most eminent blockchain experts and scholars which form part of the journal’s editorial review board.

According to Editor in Chief, Dr Naseem Naqvi: “The JBBA follows a ‘double-blind’ peer review process which means that the reviewers do not know who the author of the article is and vice-versa. This ensures the article succeeds or fails on its own merit, not the reputation of the author. In this way, the JBBA provides a forum for authors to share their knowledge, skills and experiences across a wide range of industries and technologies in which blockchain is being deployed.”

According to Associate editor in Chief, Professor Curran: “Peer-review is a critical part of the functioning of the scientific community, of quality control, and the self-corrective nature of science. The JBBA, therefore, only publishes rigorously reviewed articles which enhance the body of knowledge growing around the blockchain.”

According to Mureed Hussain, co-founder of the BBA: “We created the JBBA to enable authors to showcase their work, and at the same time, allow policy makers to build on an evidence-based framework. We are already seeing from our members, and wider industry, that businesses in the UK are benefiting from the increased understanding of blockchain and from the numerous applications of the technology that are covered in the journal.”

The journal has already been distributed worldwide to over 1200 institutions, corporates and universities including key industry, academic and government stakeholders: The House of Commons, the House of Lords, all major banks, blockchain research & development hubs, and being read by over 7500 blockchain influencers, researchers and thought leaders. The inaugural edition includes some of the latest cutting edge blockchain research conducted by some of the top blockchain institutes in the world, and includes state-of-the art developments in Blockchain space, critical reviews, case studies and analysis by some of the most eminent researchers and scholars in the world.


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