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Improving Security and Accessibility at Core of DIB UAE PASS Integration Into ‘alt’ Services

Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) has integrated its DIB ‘alt’ services on mobile and internet banking with UAE PASS, the first secure unified national digital identity solution for the UAE. This is an effort to enhance customer convenience and security. 

DIB ‘alt’ is full-service digital banking that enables customers to fulfill day-to-day banking needs through accessible and convenient digital channels.

All registered users of DIB ‘alt’ mobile and internet banking can now experience a hassle-free and secure login process via UAE PASS. This alternative login mechanism serves as a replacement for conventional user ID/password and debit card number/pin-based logins. DIB customers can access a wide range of banking services, empowering them to manage their finances conveniently and securely.

“This integration of UAE PASS into DIB ‘alt’ services marks a significant milestone in our digital transformation journey,” said Musabbah Al Qaizi, chief digital officer at DIB. “This collaboration with UAE PASS reflects our commitment to delivering innovative solutions. Especially as we look to simplify our customers’ banking journey while ensuring the highest standards of security”.

DIB’s association with UAE PASS reaffirms its commitment to actively driving the adoption of technology. This is in addition to partnering with key government entities to promote strategic initiatives.

“UAE PASS will empower our customers with seamless authentication through smartphone-based technology. This is in perfect alignment with the UAE government’s vision for digital transformation and the elimination of outdated paper transactions. We embark on a shared journey to shape a future where convenience, security, and sustainability harmoniously converge,” Al Qaizi added.


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