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How to Identify the Best Stock Market Opportunities

The best stocks are available today, but you have to find them. It’s up to you or your trading accountant to locate the best opportunities, invest, and trade or sell at the right time.

It’s a delicate balance that can affect your wallet directly. If you do well, you can turn hundreds in into thousands, and thousands into even more. The only problem, you don’t know how to qualify investment opportunities and maintain them.

Luck for you, we have put together a few tips and tricks for identifying the best stock market opportunities.

Growth Statistics

You want to look for growth potential, and it’s everywhere once you start looking. High percentages on stock growth are great buys, especially when the stock is in a young and in a thriving industry. Normally, as a stock’s value grows, the dividend payout will grow with it.

You want to look at the growth beyond the company you are looking to invest in, too. Look into the industry as a whole and see if it is growing. If it is, that’s a good sign for things to come.

You will also want to pay attention to the global market for an investment. If there was a recent natural disaster around the world that could directly affect the pricing or availability of a resource for your opportunity needs for it’s business, you can expect the invest price to go up and the stock price to fall.

Dividend Payout

A great place to look for the potential of a stock investment is the dividend payout. Keeping in mind that dividends are generally paid out quarterly, you can imagine that the payout numbers could hit your account 4 times a year.

But, how do you tell if the dividend payout is worth it? Compare it to the price you have to pay to get the stock. Known as the P/E ratio, this simple mathematical equation gives you insight into the payout potential of a stock compared to the price you pay for it. Comparing these rates will help you narrow down your investment opportunities.

Trading Potential

Sometime buying into a certain stock is simply not cost effective, but there is another way. Many market professionals look for the next big potential stock and hold them as trade stock. By using these stocks, you can often end up with the stock you wanted for less by trading another stock with potential.

The best way to go about this is by finding the undervalued stocks is comparing your investment opportunity with the industry leaders and close competition. Compair things like their purchasing price, dividend payout, growth rates, and even their yearly financial reports to make sure you are getting the best opportunity possible. When these items are placed side by side, it gets easier to find the undervalued stocks that are the diamonds in the rough.

Monitoring Equipment

If you are putting your money into an investment, shouldn’t you monitor its progress? Of course! You should take special care to monitor your stocks and look for growth opportunities to make money. Whether you trade or sell, being able to see a sinking ship before it sinks means you have the chance to save your investment dollars before they tank.

Try to find investment guides and market monitors to help you with your stock market investment.

The World Marketplace

The World is a fickle place and things are constantly changing. From taxes to disasters, just about anything can affect the performance of a stock.

If there is a natural disaster in an area that produces many of the raw materials the company you are looking to invest into uses, you might want to hold off and see how the disaster affects their supply and prices.

If you have invested in a company that used to keep prices down by importing raw materials from a specific country, but that country or good is now getting a tariff under the current administration, you might want to look elsewhere.

If the world market is turning away from a new booming industry near you, it might be a sign for the future of that investment.


Playing the stock market can be a time consuming task, but there are ways to make the picking and monitoring process easier. By comparing the numbers and planning your options around market shifts, you can easily increase you stock market prowess. Take your time, and let the numbers drive your market decisions.

How do you identify the best stocks to buy into? Do you have any secret tricks for finding the best undervalued stocks with the highest trading potential? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below.


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