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Top 10 ICOs to Watch in April: #2 Holochain

Holochain has built a decentralised computing network with the help of blockchain technology. Holochain aims to distribute the network worldwide in order to achieve infinite scalable capacity through P2P networking.

Having a platform with distributed cloud-based infrastructure in mind, the cofounders of the project Arthur Brock and Eric Harris-Braun have a spell-bounding vision. The team is completely focused on delivering its product with Holo.host which is Holochain’s flagship testnet app. The token running on Holochain is called Holochain Token (HOT) which is currently traded on leading crypto exchanges including Binance. Once the main net goes live, all HOTs will be converted to Holofuel on 1:1 ratio. With the launch of its main net, Holochain can succeed in its vision of covering the enterprises using cloud computing and shift them towards distributed (not decentralised) computing.

But like the majority of the blockchain projects, the success of Holochain will depends on the strength and the innovations of the community. The ambitious project will compete with the tech giants like CISCO who is also focused on improving their operations with the help of blockchain in all fronts. Holochain can take the advantage of the market by being one of the early originators of the concept of ‘distributed computing’, and can manage to succeed in the long term with its cheaper, secure, and faster services.

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