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Ibanera Unveils Payment Gateway Tailored for the E-Gaming Industry

Global fintech bank Ibanera, which specialises in cross-border payments, currency conversion and Web3 payments, has launched a payment gateway designed to support the payment experience for companies in the e-gaming industry. 

Ibanera’s Payment Gateway offers high security with PCI compliance and fast speeds, processing up to 76,000 transactions per second for swift, secure transactions in e-gaming – an industry worth more than $400billion in 2023.

Developed using the Go programming language (referred to as Golang), it has been engineered to maximise efficiency and reliability. It also maintains peak performance as e-gaming companies expand, providing a scalable solution. With a tokenisation engine, the gateway ensures secure transactions and protects sensitive data. There’s also integration with Applepay and Googlepay.

Michael Carbonara, CEO at Ibanera, said: “The e-gaming industry is evolving to address the needs of their gamers, and stakeholders faster than what fintech companies could keep up with. Our goal is to get ahead by servicing the needs of these companies to help them scale their business and finance efforts. Secure, compliant, quick, and efficient. That is our mission.”

Regulated in the US, Canada, Europe and Singapore, Ibanera unveiled a range of gaming-focused financial services in December, a fully optimised suite of applications designed to align with the evolving financial paradigms within the global gaming industry.

Carbonara commented: “We are addressing the pressing need for heightened functionality within gaming companies. The pace of evolution in the gaming industry has surpassed the capacities of traditional banking institutions.”




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