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Huddlestock takes over Level39 member Islero

Level39 is making things happening, proof of that is the new partnership between fellow Norwegian companies based in the program. Huddlestock Limited, in London, is doing a carve-out and acquiring all IPR from Islero AS, a Norwegian Fintech company.  Islero established in 2015 in Trondheim, was became enrolled in Innovation Norway’s Tech City Accelerator in 2016, and was subsequently part of Level39.

“Islero’s is Spotify for investment analysis. We have built a marketplace where investment analysts can share their ideas, and get compensated for it, while users can easily track who are the top trending analysts at any time”, said CMO Marius Norheim to Dagens Næringsliv during their stay at the Tech City Accelerator.

Through the purchase Huddlestock will get access to a large set of strategy vendors, who will be part of the platform, and provide strategies and investment ideas to all live users of Huddlestock. The company launched their platform in January, 2016 – where the Crown Prince of Norway did the first trade, and is currently live in a closed environment with 1000 beta users.

“Both being Norwegian companies, we think this consolidation will support the growth and development of the Norwegian Fintech Ecosystem, and show that collaboration is key to be able to succeed in a myriad of start-ups”, says CEO’s of Huddlestock and Islero, Murshid M. Ali and Frede Fardal in a joint statement.

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