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How You Can Use the Artificial Intelligence Revolution for Your Business

Humanity as we know it has gone through many revolutions — we’ve first discovered the power of water and steam, then came electricity, and now we’re here with technological revolution.

Today, we are coming close to experience the fourth one too — the Artificial Intelligence revolution.

Even though we now think we’ve seen it all, the AI revolution is going to make a change in the society just like the previous three did. Naturally, the revolution is going to affect all the aspects of our lives, including the business sphere.

Since it’s inevitable that AI is about to transform our lives in the near future, the best thing we can do is learn how to use it to work for us and help our business grow.

Why Is AI Important?

We are all familiar with technology gadgets such as computers, drones, cameras, and even robots that can perform a specific action. They are powered by a specific software that allows them to perform a certain action — for example, WIP tracking software is there to help you track the work-in-process portion of the production phase.

However, all these devices have so far been controlled by humans in order to do all those things correctly. The whole idea behind the AI is to make these machines think and act on their own, just like we humans do. Although it sounds like science fiction, this can be done using these machines to collect critical data and remember how to react in a specific situation the next time it takes place again.

In other words, AI needs a lot of data in order to learn and make realistic decisions, and we are, for that matter, surrounded by data every moment of our lives. Thanks to these circumstances, AI has a strong base to become much smarter, faster, and more accurate in a very short period of time.

The best example of this phenomenon is Netflix that gives you recommendations on what to watch next based on the collected data from your search history.

How Can the Intelligence Revolution Help Your Business?

No matter what you do in life, chances are you’re exposed to many tech gadgets on a daily basis. With the development of the AI, all these devices will start shining in a new light, just like we’ve explained above.

This means you’ll be able to use the AI and develop your business faster if you do it the right way, and here we’re not only talking about office jobs where computers and other machines are widely used.

Imagine, for example, the agriculture sector, and a farmer that takes care of a lot of land. Thanks to AI, the farmer will be able to make a perfect planting plan and make the whole farming process more efficient with less effort than ever before.

The machines used for harvesting and other activities can be programmed to perform without anyone controlling them. Experts are working on developing machines that can identify whether the land needs watering and even differentiate ripe fruits from the rest.

Now, when you realize how much the AI revolution can affect a niche such as agriculture, you can only imagine what it can do to businesses that already use some kind of sophisticated technology. One thing is certain though — a change shall occur in all aspects of our lives.

All the business owners that oppose the new way of doing business are free to try and keep up the same pace, but they risk being outdated and discarded on their designated business market.


  • Editorial Director of the The Fintech Times

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