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How to Make the Most of Online Casino Promotions

There are many reasons why online casinos are growing in popularity compared to their land-based counterparts, with convenience, choice and availability all attractive advantages.

Another big draw is the prevalence of online casino promotions, which are bringing keen gamers to sites like Betsson casino online in their droves. After all, who doesn’t love a special offer?

When approached appropriately, these promotions can help to enhance your gameplay and increase your enjoyment of the experience no end. The problem is, many people aren’t fully aware of the rules and regulations surrounding online casino bonuses, which means they aren’t best placed to take advantage of them. If that sounds like you, this article is on hand to point you in the right direction.

Read the small print

The number one rule when taking advantage of online casino bonuses is to make sure you understand them! This might sound so obvious as to not even merit a mention, but the number of people who try to improve their bank balance by signing up to a new casino just to access their promotional offers – without taking the time to fully comprehend what those offers entail – is staggering.

For the most part, these kinds of offers will require you to perform a specific action before you can access any funds. This might be matching a “free” deposit with one of your own, betting a certain amount before you can withdraw any winnings or something similar. Read the small print pertaining to any promotions and you’ll avoid disappointment further down the line when things don’t pan out like you thought they would.

Play the odds

Have you ever heard of the “house edge”? Every game at every casino – whether it’s land-based or online – will carry a certain mathematical advantage over those who play against it. That’s why there’s a saying that “the house always wins”. Of course, the truth is that the house doesn’t always win; otherwise, no one would play their games. You can maximise your chance of beating it by choosing a game with a lower house edge.

The game which offers the lowest house edge is Blackjack. The exact percentages involved will depend on the unique rules of the game and the site which is hosting it, but as a general rule of thumb, Blackjack carries a house edge of just 0.5%. That means that those who wish to play live casino games who would be best advised to select a promotion that focuses on Blackjack, since they have the lowest chance of losing their money and the highest chance of capitalising on the promotion.

Look for no deposit offers

Some of the best value in online casino promotions and bonuses is to be gained from “no deposit” offers, which don’t require players to use any of their own money when taking advantage of the promotion. This could take the form of free spins in slots, free bets in sports betting or free funds in table games and furnishes players with the chance to try their luck at a game of their choice, without staking any of their own capital.

These types of offers have been declining in the UK in recent years, but they’re still available in many countries around the globe and offer great value for customers. It should be remembered, however, that there are likely to be stipulations involved in accessing any winnings from these no deposit offers, so be sure to return to the first point mentioned above and read all of the terms and conditions before you play.


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