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How can technology help us with boring paperwork?

Adulthood can be pretty interesting given that we live in the day and age of rapid technological advancement. However, some things from everyday life can be not only stressful but boring as well. Whether it’s going to the bank or the doctor, there’s always a bunch of papers that you need to read, fill out, and sign.


On the brighter side, it seems that technology has become “aware” of this giant problem that could potentially slow us down in the future. Let’s take a look at some of the industries that involve a lot of paperwork and the way technology solves this burning issue.

Doctors have to focus on patients rather than paperwork

According to Medical Economics’ article, many professional medical workers seem to be overburdened with filling out quality reports about patients and cannot actually focus on examining them and coming up with solutions to their health issues.


One of the methods for overcoming this problem in the medical field is introducing cutting-edge technology which is connected to artificial intelligence. Healthcare and AI are a match made in heaven that can significantly upgrade both fields and improve the overall state of healthcare in the world.


Some of the tasks that AI will be able to perform in the future, or has already been performing in several hospitals in the world, include collecting data about patient’s health through examinations and tests, analyzing and recording results, coming up with diagnoses, determining treatment methods, overlooking the treatment process and its outcome, monitoring patients, and more.

Insurance papers may seem like too much trouble

Insurance may seem like an utterly marginal thing in our lives until we come to the point that we need it. For that reason, don’t be afraid to examine various types of insurance, since some of them are both quite affordable and quite helpful. Even if there is a lot of paperwork to be done, it’s still essential to have some sort of insurance.


One of the companies that managed to solve the paperwork problem with the help of technology is Lemonade.com, offering apartment renters insurance digitally. They introduced an interactive mobile app for their clients who are now able to avoid all the tedious paperwork along the way and get customized insurance for their apartments.


Lawyers are sometimes expected to read hundreds of pages in a day

Inc.com published an interesting piece on how AI managed to beat 20 best lawyers in the country by outperforming their ability to spot errors in five NDAs. As terrifying as it seems, all of the lawyers were actually content with the machine’s performance and did not think of the results as a prophecy that AI would take over their jobs.


On the contrary, the lawyers saw an opportunity that this piece of technology could upgrade their business to another level. Let’s take a look at the way in which AI would help the lawyers.


First and foremost, some of the documents that professional lawyers have to go through can be deliberately large, and so it would take hours or even days to read or study them in detail. AI can help by extracting relevant information from documents of this type, thus saving both time and expenses.


Secondly, lawyers would not need to compile every document, such as NDA, all over again. In turn,  they can automate that process by letting AI do the grunt work. Of course, they would have to check those documents in the end, but it would without any doubt make room for them to focus on more important things.


Finally, AI would reduce the time required for reviewing standard contracts and make legal advice accessible even for those who cannot afford a lawyer at the moment. This could help people to become more educated and conscious of the law, which would consequently result in crime prevention.


As you can see, apps and AI play a crucial role in today’s society, and they are going to be an inevitable part of all the aspects of our society in no time. Although insurance, healthcare, and law are the only fields listed in this article, they certainly are not the only industries that require a lot of paperwork. In fact, every aspect of our lives is slowly becoming more convenient and automated with the help of technology.


For example, education deserves an honorable mention, as it is one of the areas which has been continuously upgraded by technology. Apps and all kinds of tools make education affordable for everyone in the world. With the help of machine learning and similar tech, teachers will be able to focus on creativity and innovative ways of teaching, rather than filling out dull paperwork they need for classes.


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