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Homeis Reaches One Million Registered Members as It Expands Its Financial Services Offerings

Homeis, the first digital platform for immigrant communities around the world, has announced it has reached one million registered members. It has also announced the expansion of its offerings with the addition of financial services. Through partnerships with fintech companies, neobanks, and key leaders in the remittance industry, Homeis is providing innovative financial tools and resources that empower immigrants across the country.

The Homeis app aims to be a one-stop-shop for immigrants on their financial journey, from the moment they move to the US until they send their children to college here and beyond. Homeis has aggregated financial services within the platform that are specifically designed for immigrants and displays these services in users’ own languages. It also compares rates to send money through its remittance partners and offers special discounts to immigrants looking to use some of those services.

The partnerships allow users to send money online faster, more securely and with lower transfer fees from the US to India, Mexico, Canada and other countries around the world. Users will also be able to search for banks recommended by others in their community, obtain medical, car, and life insurance, and take out loans to buy cars or start businesses.

“We continue to see rapid growth in the number of immigrants who turn to Homeis to connect with their local communities, but also to get useful information and services in one central location,” said Ran Harnevo, Homeis co-founder and CEO. “We attribute the accelerated adoption of the app to the growing uncertainty and fear among immigrants amid the pandemic and resulting financial crisis, especially in the US This audience is particularly vulnerable to instability, with many underinsured or dependent on their job to stay where they are. Homeis is making a positive impact on immigrants’ lives, offering them a space of trust and valuable information.”

With a diverse workforce that is made of all immigrant employees, Homeis provides a combination of resources that address specific pain points for Latino, South Asian, African and Israeli immigrants in the United States, France, Canada and the United Arab Emirates, with plans to launch in Arabic soon. In addition to financial services, the platform offers networking opportunities, guidance on finding trusted, user-vetted immigration lawyers, doctors and other professionals who speak users’ own languages, and more.


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