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Google Supports Worldline Digital Transformation to ‘Accelerate Innovation’ in the Payment Industry

Payment service provider Worldline has strategically partnered with tech giant Google, a move that enables it to leverage cloud-based technologies from Google Cloud to further Worldline’s digital transformation.

As part of the partnership, Google will also work with Worldline to facilitate seamless online payments for Google’s customers in Europe. Both partners will jointly address go-to-market opportunities, and provide new and enhanced digital customer experiences for merchants and financial institutions.

Since 2022, Worldline has embarked on its ‘Move to Cloud’ programme – which uses the cloud to accelerate its digital transformation into a global paytech company.

By making use of Google Cloud’s secure, high-performance and low-latency infrastructure, Worldline hopes to accelerate the programme. It also hopes to enhance its operational efficiency, optimise costs, and improve its strategic positioning.

Worldline also revealed that it will tap into Google Cloud’s data analytics and AI capabilities to draw benefits from its own data, and consequently develop new payment products and services. The choice of Google Cloud also results from Worldline’s long-lasting focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the low-carbon options Google Cloud offers, as a leader in sustainability.

As part of the expanded partnership, Worldline will now also serve as one of Google’s key payment providers in Europe and across multiple geographies. Worldline aims to provide Google customers with more advanced payment options, support for more payment networks, improved cross-border conversion, and a more streamlined customer experience.

Delivering added value to merchants and banks

Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, explained: “Our partnership with Worldline underscores the wide range of opportunities that secure and reliable cloud technology, data analytics, and AI can bring to merchants and financial institutions. By bringing together the strengths of our two companies, we can accelerate innovation in the payment industry.”

The strategic partnership between Google and Worldline will ultimately create a powerful ecosystem of improved product offerings delivering added value to merchants and banks, and setting a faster pace for continued innovation. By combining their expertise and their specialised knowledge and resources, Google and Worldline will be able to deliver improved payment experiences for their respective customers and accelerate time-to-market.

Gilles Grapinet, CEO of Worldline, also shared his thoughts on the move: “Innovation and advanced technology are at the core of Worldline’s DNA. To trailblaze changing payment environments and not only meet but anticipate customer expectations, it is key to couple our paytech DNA with the technological capabilities of a true market leader.

“We are very proud to expand and strengthen our partnership as a payment provider for Google in Europe. Our deep market infrastructure understanding, combined with Google Cloud’s technology expertise and scale, will accelerate our time-to-market and drive tangible success for our customers and markets.”


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