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Goldex CEO Talks Raising Finance, Scaling and Gender Bias

Goldex is the most sophisticated trading app to invest in physical gold, one that is fair, smart and convenient. For the first time, retail customers have the chance to get the best prices and make instant savings by using Goldex algorithmic technology from their mobile phones. Whilst protecting their wealth with gold, they can also get easy access to it with the Goldex MasterCard.

Raising finance to scale and grow a business is a challenge that most startups face – but I think it might be more pronounced for female entrepreneurs, as we still face a lot of unconscious bias from investors. We are also not the first company to launch a platform to disrupt the gold industry – so we must differentiate ourselves well from the other fintechs out there, and successfully showcase what makes us truly different. We are promoting financial inclusion in the sense that more people have access to the opportunity to invest in gold – and in a more transparent and cost effective way. There is still the perception that only millionaires can afford to own gold, but we believe that everybody should use it as a way to protect their wealth, however small.

We founded Goldex with an ambitious vision: to help people preserve their wealth by building a gold provider that is ethical, always creates value and is accessible to all, not just a few. We soon realised that in order to create major social impact, we had to be a gold  provider like no other and go as far as to develop an entirely new business model. Although we are still a young company, we have a long list of features and products in the pipeline supporting our core purpose: to always put our clients’ interests first.

Written by Sylvia Carrasco (Founder and CEO of Goldex)


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