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Globacap to Integrate PumaPay Payment Services

Globacap, a capital raising platform that is currently performing the first issuance of tokenised equity on their website under regulatory supervision as part of the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) sandbox, will be offering PumaPay’s PullPayment Protocol, a blockchain-based payment solution, to investors interested in regularly allocating to investments.

Globacap’s SME platform (launching in Q4 2018) will allow businesses to raise capital from a global audience while managing all regulatory and compliance aspects throughout the raise, and offering a full suite of asset administration services post raise.  Institutional and retail investors gain access to opportunities, invest using a range of crypto and fiat currencies, and benefit from more transparent valuation and post-issuance liquidity.

PumaPay has developed a unique PullPayment Protocol that provides flexibility of crypto payments in day-to-day transactions through fast transaction processing and low fees. PumaPay enables multiple payment scenarios – from traditional one-time transactions and recurring payments to restricted and pay-per-view billing. Such payment scenarios have been impossible on the blockchain before.

PumaPay’s PullPayment Protocol will allow investors on the Globacap platform to regularly allocate to investment opportunities, on a direct-debit style recurring basis.  Investors will be able to select their desired investment amount in crypto or fiat currencies, frequency of investment (e.g. monthly), and their risk profile.  The Globacap platform can then automatically receive those funds using PumaPay’s PullPayment Protocol, and allocate their investment to a matching set of investment opportunities accordingly.

Globacap’s CEO, Myles Milston, commented: “The PumaPay integration will allow cryptocurrency holders to create a regular investment plan from their existing asset base through our platform.  This is another step forward in the integration of crypto into the existing financial world.”

SMEs form a vital part of the European economy. Across Europe, SMEs account for 67% of private sector employment (90 million people) and 57% of value added (€3.9 trillion). However access to funding is still a significant issue for SMEs.  Globacap addresses this through providing a means for SMEs to access capital on a global scale, whilst affording both institutional and retail investors the full rights associated with equity and debt securities.


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