A Gentleman’s Guide to P2P Lending: Exploring the EU and Slovakia

Žltý melón launches blog series to showcase the latest developments in p2p lending across the EUAs a p2p lender based somewhere other than London we have increasingly noticed that while innovative things are going on in p2p lending and FinTech across the EU, much of it isn’t noticed or given the attention it deserves when it happens somewhere outside of the UK.

So, we decided to help change that!

We have created a new video blog series to talk about the latest developments in p2p lending and FinTech outside of the UK, in order to highlight the innovative things that are going on both here in Slovakia and across the EU.

We are doing this not just to promote our own approach to providing a ‘pure’ form of p2p lending at Žltý melón, but also to help other firms across the EU that don’t get the coverage they deserve in the Alternative Finance media because they simply are not based in London. We feel that ultimately it is ordinary consumers that are missing out because of this and so we hope to both entertain and inform people with our new series of video blogs!

As this is a new project for us we welcome any feedback as well as any suggestions about the topics, firms and latest developments we should cover in this new ‘outside’ perspective on innovation in p2p lending!

You can watch the trailer for this series here and view all the episodes on our website.In this week’s episode, our resident ‘Brexit refugee’, Jos Henson, talks about the how p2p lending makes financial products simpler, as well the new user interface being introduced by Žltý melón that uses ‘natural language’ and allows people to interact with the website in a more ‘human’ way.

Other highlights of this episode include a trip to Slovakia’s most famous beach and an interview with the CEO of fellow startup Kontentino, Bohus Pokštefl, who provides some of his thoughts on the innovative startup culture in Bratislava.

Each week we also write a blog post, where we discuss the topics from each episode in much more detail.

We hope you enjoy this series and if you have any comments or wish to get in touch with us, please email Jos Henson at [email protected]

About: Žltý melón is a p2p lender based in Bratislava that has been operating since 2012 and has facilitated over 7 million EUR in loans funded by investors from across the EU.

Jos Henson, International Investor Relations at Žltý melón



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