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Generation 42 Abu Dhabi Inspires Next Generation of Emirate’s Digital Leaders

Coding school 42 Abu Dhabi has unveiled Generation 42 Abu Dhabi, a community of coders with a mission to shape the future of the Emirate and lead its digital transformation.

This new generation embodies an ambition to construct a better world and possesses a mastery of the language of the future. Generation 42 Abu Dhabi represents a global movement, empowering coders to thrive in the Emirate‘s tech landscape and contribute to vital sectors such as healthcare, education, energy, and sustainability.

To showcase Generation 42 Abu Dhabi, 42 Abu Dhabi is launching a podcast featuring thought leaders and industry specialists who will share insights on the latest trends in vital sectors, including education. The podcast will also feature outstanding students from the school, highlighting the impact of the school’s model on their growth and its role as a talent incubator in the coding field.

In addition, a series of videos will be released to illuminate the success stories and inspirational journeys of 42 Abu Dhabi students. These videos will provide a deeper understanding of the experiences of students from diverse backgrounds and age groups who have developed cutting-edge projects in fields such as HR and healthcare.

Marcos Muller Habig, acting CEO of 42 Abu Dhabi, outlined the vision of Generation 42 to create a skilled workforce that can tackle the challenges of the digital age and drive a thriving tech industry in the Emirate.

“Generation 42 Abu Dhabi further reaffirms that 42 Abu Dhabi is a global movement that seeks to empower the coming generations to build a new world. We are steadfast in our commitment to make coding education accessible to people from all walks of life and foster the next generation of coders who are born to build a prosperous and tech-enabled future for the Emirate.”

Student success

Since its launch in 2020 as an initiative by the government’s Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge, 42 Abu Dhabi has enrolled 475 students, including 137 UAE national students. It supports Abu Dhabi’s goal of creating a diverse and inclusive education infrastructure for a future-ready workforce.

The school’s strategic partnerships with leading organisations, including Mubadala Investment Company, Abu Dhabi Department of Energy, Department of Government Support, Microsoft and BEACON RED, provide students with sponsorship opportunities and job prospects.

Students have seized impressive opportunities with a total of 358 job and internship offers, including 109 sponsorships exclusively for UAE national students. Completing the Common Core, additional modules, and a six-month internship at the school allows students to receive a recognised Diploma in software development from the National Qualification Centre (NQC) in the UAE.


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