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“Game changers: Innovation in Business”: Exscudo showcases how to reconstruct the financial world 

NextGen FInancial Ecosystem – Exscudo – is happy to announce that the book “Game Changers: Innovation in Business” co-authored by Andrew Zimine, CEO of Exscudo, is  now live

Book Overview

Ask anyone what really matters in business and the answer would be – innovations. We’re living in a world of change, where endless improvement is essential. Things, whatever they are, are only interesting to us when they turn into something else. How to be an innovator in your business? “Game Changers: Innovation in Business”, published by Athena Publishing, is a comprehensive insight into the world of innovative ideas.  A bunch of thought leaders tell the inspiring real-life stories of ground-breaking products and services.

CEO of Exscudo Andrew Zimine is among them. In his chapter “Exscudo – the ultimate tool for reconstruction of the world financial system” talks about how traditional financial system may change for the better by integrating Exscudo, blockchain-based financial ecosystem. “In Exscudo we do not just believe in this reform – we are doing our best to make it real”, he writes. Andrew is convinced that the existing financial system is “completely outdated and is no longer a driver of growth, but a throwback that we must get rid of to move forward”. Blockchain technology – that is the future, because it “is not based on faith, but on knowledge”.

About Andrew Zimine

Andrew is CEO and Founder of innovative financial ecosystem Exscudo, the Owner and CEO of Clarus, a major developer of exchange systems and security and ERP-systems for companies. He is a consulting expert on DAPS Ethereum and advises major European and Asian financial market players on cryptocurrency trading. A recognized expert on blockchain technologies and decentralized cryptographic data transfer networks. Andrew has over 8 years of experience in the management of companies and over 18 years of experience in IT technologies and their integration into the real sector of economy.

Where to buy?

The book is available for individual purchase via Voila Success website

The book will be also available on Amazon in a week.


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