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Gambling in Canada During a Pandemic

Gambling has long been on the rise in Canada. With the pandemic, there has been an even greater increase in Canadian Casino sites. Gathering restrictions and reduced hours have hit the casino industry hard. In addition, spacing requirements, the need for physical barriers, and extra sanitation supplies have all put additional costs on individual casinos.

As a result, many of them have increasingly shifted their operations online. More Canadians have naturally moved to online gambling as well.  Those who used to frequent the physical venues will now supplement their gambling with online sites instead. As more people work from home or spend more time away from others, this continued increase can be expected.  Not to mention that because of the risk from  COVID, gambling at a physical casino can be dangerous.

With the increase in online casino sites, the number of scam sites has increased as well. It’s essential to know the place you are visiting is legitimate. Check to see where they are licensed and look at the license number. You can look up the casino and see reviews other people have left. If you are ever unsure of a site simply don’t use it.

Overall, it’s not just existing gamblers that are driving the surge in online gambling. For many people, 2020 might be their first time visiting an online casino or engaging in gambling. Financial worries have affected millions of Canadians. Loss of jobs, or perhaps reduced hours at work, are a significant cause. It’s estimated that over eight million Canadians have been receiving the CERB.

Gambling can be seen by some people as a quick or easy way to generate extra revenue in these hard times. Others who are simply curious about gambling might find themselves going to these sites out of boredom and curiosity. Some people may be looking to only pass the time, while others are looking to make some additional money. It’s thought 60% of Canadians engage in gambling on a regular basis.

Casinos contain all sorts of games, from slots to roulette and various card games. The vibrant and flashing colours can be a new and exciting world for many. With the graphics and layouts, some of these games can look very much like other online games you may find on non-gambling sites. Unfortunately, for the first-time gambler, their new-found hobby could lead to more financial stress and worries down the road.

Gambling has long been known to go hand-in-hand with various mental health problems. These include anxiety and substance abuse.  Financial worries can exacerbate existing problems as well. It’s always important to gamble responsibly and not let it become an addiction. . Like any activity, it should be done in moderation.

Most legitimate overseas casinos, as well as those run in Canada, have checks and balances for players to make sure they gamble responsibly. For example, the casinos may have self-imposed limits on how much you can deposit in a given time period. Other times you will get a message to let you know how long you have been playing.

Online casinos are certainly here to stay. In the future, it is likely they will continue to grow in numbers. It will be interesting to see what will happen when the country finally opens up after the pandemic is over. The online alternative is more convenient for many and can be accessed from wherever you are.


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