Fujitsu announces a rapid blockchain productisation.

Fujitsu announced on the 10th of July availability of a new, extremely rapid blockchain productisation framework which enables the development of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in only five days.  This blockchain productionisation is aimed at organisations wanting to jump-start new blockchain development or de-risk existing blockchain projects.

The Framework

At the core of the framework is a week-long assessment where Fujitsu and its customers co-create new business ideas based on blockchain or other Distributed Ledger Technologies. The goal of this new product is to identify and prove a specific business process that has the potential to become a full-scale implementation. This Proof of Business (PoB) approach, before committing to a Proof of Concept (PoC), is said to avoid many common pitfalls of blockchain projects and focuses on creating business value.

How it Works

With the blockchain PoB assessment, stakeholders can create and validate the potential of an initial Hyperledger Fabric application while testing how it could work in an enterprise environment. The application is developed using MVP principles, which require that application to create enough value so that people are willing to use it, demonstrate enough future potential to retain the loyalty of early adopters, and provide a feedback loop to guide future development.

Assessments are led by Fujitsu’s global blockchain experts, who bring insights, ideas, and technical know-how, embedded within Fujitsu’s proven Human-Centric Experience Design (HXD) rapid transformation methodology1. HXD has been developed and proven by Fujitsu in Japan in hundreds of customer digital transformation projects and forms the core platform in Fujitsu’s global network of Digital Transformation Centers, including the Blockchain Innovation Center in Brussels, which oversees the new framework.


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