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Four Types of People Who Suit a Career in Technology

In 2017, technology is everywhere. Even those who thought that they would never work with technology are sat behind a computer, answering video calls, marketing on social media, and generally using technology to aid their working life. That is why technology is such an incredible industry to work in. It is an area where job security is almost a given. In this digital age, there will always be a need for people who are experts in everything technical. The world of technology is also exceptionally diverse, so it is important to weigh up all of your options in regards to your career path. Below are four types of people who would be well suited to a career in technology.

Geeks and Nerds

Being a bit of a tech geek is no longer viewed as a bad thing! People that previously would have been dismissed as a geek are now some of the most successful entrepreneurs out there. If you are enthusiastic about technology, make the most of your passion. Don’t waste your talents elsewhere and keep technology as a hobby. You could build your own app, or if you’re not such a creative thinker, find someone with an idea to partner up with. You could also look at businesses you would love to work for and find technical solutions that would help them run. Arrange a meeting and present your proposal to them.

The Military

Technology and the military are closely linked. That is why there is the potential for overlap in both career paths. If you are an active member of the military or if you are now a veteran, why not consider studying technology. You can look online if you need help finding a military friendly school.  These colleges will help you to find an education programme that is perfectly suited to your needs. A new qualification, combined with your extensive practical experience, will help you to secure employment in the world of technology.


If you are blessed with a mathematical mind, why not apply your skills to projects that seek to achieve technological advancement. Working in technology is perfect for anyone who loves to deal with numbers. For instance, if you train to be a computer engineer, it is likely that you will be required to study calculus and physics extensively. If you are already a great mathematician, you will be sure to thrive in these classes.

Creative types

You would be mistaken to think that creative types are far removed from the world of technology. You might picture a creative person in the world of publishing or advertising. However, certain jobs in technology require you to be extremely creative. Creative technological jobs include anything from app creator to a mobile phone designer. As a lot of creative types are put off by the prospect of learning some basic coding, you will find yourself in high demand. Take a night class or simply read up online. It’s easier than you think, and could be the secret to you unlocking your dream career.

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