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Flooring Hut Lays the Foundations for Crypto Payments With Bitcoin Integration

From its days as a rogue investment back in 2009 to being an alternative payment currency to pay for an ice cream at the beach – Bitcoin’s use cases continue to grow. The latest organisation to integrate cryptocurrency into its platform is Flooring Hut, a UK internet retailer of carpets, floor coverings and accessories.

Flooring Hut customers can pay with Bitcoin when purchasing carpet and/or flooring. Roughly 10 per cent of the UK’s population (4.97 million people) has some money invested in cryptocurrencies, although research from Statista suggests this number could rise to 22.23 million by 2027. Flooring Hut aims to cater to the growing number of customers who prefer this modern payment option, ensuring they have a variety of choices when purchasing products and services.

“Our commitment to providing the best shopping experience for our customers is at the heart of this decision,” said Paul Brewster, CEO of Flooring Hut. “By accepting Bitcoin, we will empower our customers to transact securely and quickly, regardless of their geographic location. All the while they can also enjoy the advantages of lower transaction fees and increased privacy.”

The integration of Bitcoin into Flooring Hut’s e-commerce platform will be made possible through partnerships with renowned Bitcoin payment processors. These collaborations ensure that the Bitcoin transactions are handled smoothly and securely.

Helping understand Bitcoin payments

To make the transition to Bitcoin payments as smooth as possible, Flooring Hut is developing step-by-step guides and video tutorials. These will guide customers through the payment process. The company emphasises that security is of the utmost importance. Consequently. it will be implementing measures to safeguard both customer and merchant data throughout the Bitcoin transaction process.

As part of this initiative, Flooring Hut remains committed to complying with all relevant regulations and legal requirements. In turn, this ensures a transparent and legitimate operation for its retail and commercial customer base.


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