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Five Secret ‘Ingredients’ to Elevate your B2B Marketing Campaigns in Fintech

What’s the secret to cooking up a truly exceptional B2B marketing campaign? Success is born from the careful blending of various strategic elements. 

Jeremy Bliss, growth and client success director at Silver, an independent, integrated global B2B marketing agency that drives business growth for fintech organisations, shares its recipe for driving the most successful B2B marketing campaigns within financial services and fintech.

Jeremy Bliss
Jeremy Bliss, growth and client success director, Silver

Just as every exquisite dish is born from the perfect combination of ingredients, so too is the recipe for B2B marketing success. Crafting the perfect campaign lies not just in the individual elements, but in diligently combining them in pursuit of your objective.

This article will unveil five ‘secret ingredients’ that can help elevate your B2B marketing campaigns to new heights. Get that pan on the heat.

Secret ingredient #1: Truly understand your buyer’s journey

The B2B buyer’s journey has transformed from the linear, box-ticking process it once was into a complex and diverse set of ‘jobs’ that a broad set of individuals in the decision-making group need to complete simultaneously.

This means we need to think differently as marketeers.

Success comes from supporting the buying group in the completion of these four key ‘buying jobs’: problem identification, solution exploration, requirement building and supplier selection.

Successful campaigns and programmes can focus singularly on these buying jobs or across a number at once. The key, the ‘secret ingredient’, lies in mapping out your buyer’s journey and your buyers’ jobs and working through how your marketing efforts can help satisfy them.

For the ins and outs of how to master this evolved buyer journey, tuck into the latest Silver Shares that explores secret ingredient #1 in more depth.

Secret ingredient #2: Don’t forget the educational content that helps buyers buy

Three stats combine to reveal secret ingredient #2…

Seventy-seven per cent of B2B buyers stated their latest purchase was very complex or difficult, involving extensive research and consideration phases*. Ninety-three per cent of B2B buyers begin their buying process using internet search**. Only 17 per cent of a typical B2B buying groups time is spent meeting with potential suppliers***.

With those numbers in mind, at Silver, we undertake in-depth Digital Landscape Analysis with our clients to provide a unique view of the digital content and organisations that are winning their buyers’ attention during their path to purchase.

That proprietary Digital Landscape Analysis tells us that, yes, big ideas, defining thought leadership, and everything we know and love are all important, but so is the foundational educational content that helps buyers buy.

In fact, it’s often the organisations that do a great job of producing that foundational education content that go on to be the most influential in the journey of their buyers.

Secret ingredient #3: Standout in a sea of sameness

From effectively educating buyers, to winning their hearts and minds. Secret ingredient #3 focusses on creative strategy – and having one that helps you stand out in the crowd.

Distinction and creating an emotional connection with your audience is key to a successful B2B marketing strategy. After all, people are 22-times more likely to remember a story over a list of facts****.

Saturated by an abundance of content across a range of channels, buyers have become accustomed to uniform and generic experiences. Any brand able to successfully engage and captivate buyers effectively and repeatedly has a tremendous opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.

But how is such a distinction achieved? A unique and impactful creative strategy is a powerful way of cutting through the noise. Visually striking experiences that meet and exceed the needs of your prospects, delivered via engaging and impactful creative content, is the key to rising above the uniform and winning customers.

In short, a creative, authentic story with a human at its centre transcends the mundane to bring your brand to life.

Secret ingredient #4: Showcase the true power and impact of your solutions

The fintech and financial services space is known for its complex and often esoteric solutions.

While communicating the benefits of these solutions can be a challenge, digital experiences offer an engaging way to circumvent this.

It’s not just the innovation that can get complex – it’s often the context too. If your prospects don’t understand the problem, they won’t be won over by the solution either.

With sign-off required from stakeholders at all levels, you must have a clear story that showcases the true value of your product and articulates the context in which its value comes into its own. A creative and interactive story that addresses multiple buyer pain points and takes the user on a journey can be a wonderfully effective centrepiece to any campaign.

Take our work with Scandit for an example. Typically perceived as a barcode scanning solution, our interactive SmartStore experience shows how Scandit offers benefits far beyond that.


Secret ingredient #5: Stay on message

Maintaining a consistent narrative, or ‘staying on message’, is a critical success factor in any campaign – marketing, financial services or otherwise.

It’s what ensures that every touchpoint consistently drives towards the same ultimate goal and contributes to building a sense of trust and reliability with your audience.

Just as a signature dish carries the marque of its creator, your message should be the distinctive flavour that permeates through the noise. It’s about being clear and coherent in your communication so that your value proposition is not just heard but remembered.

A defining message – that’s easily understood by your audience – acts as the north star for your campaign, guiding the myriad of content pieces, marketing activities and customer interactions that are part of it.

A great example of this comes from Finastra and its steadfast belief in open finance. It’s a message that’s grounded everything the company does, right from its formation in 2017 to the present day – it’s a movement, not a moment. Read more about it here.


In the vast kitchen of B2B marketing, we’ve whisked together the essential ingredients to craft a campaign that’s both savoury and substantial. From understanding the buyer’s journey to educating them, from standing out to showcasing your solutions, and, crucially, staying on message – each element is key to the recipe’s success.

Bon appétit!

* Source: Gartner
** Source: Marketo
*** Source: Gartner
**** Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business



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