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FINTECH.TV Announces Multi-million-dollar Funding Round led by Brand Capital Management

FINTECH.TV, the new entrant media platform focused on covering early stage fintech, crypto and digital assets, and sustainable investments, announced a multimillion-dollar funding round led by Brand Capital Management and followed by strategic investors Ibrahim Al Husseini, Kris Roil and Brace Young. The round will be dedicated to a global expansion with a major focus on India, Africa, the Middle East and the Nordics.

Currently broadcasting from the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, and the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) studios, with Bloomberg as a broadcasting partner, the investment helps expand broadcasting partners to CNBC Africa, CNBC Arabia, and The Times of India. The Nordics are home to some of the global leaders in sustainable investment and Africa’s population is, by many estimates, set to triple in the 21st century. There is a big focus on India in this funding round with the first dedicated blockchain show planned on Economic Times Now (ET Now), and the launch of FINTECH.TV’s Sustainable Channel on Times Now.

“India is one of the fastest-growing economies supported by one of the most skilled youth populations with deep impact and sustainability values, providing global leadership to the tech, impact and financial communities,” said Kavita Gupta, co-founder and chief strategy officer at FINTECH.TV, “With Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), India has changed the way philanthropy and impact investment is viewed. Earlier this year with the change in the Supreme Court’s regulation on crypto, Indian youth are becoming one of the largest growing crypto holders in the world.”

Launched in 2019, FINTECH.TV has emerged as the leader in content for early-stage and private market fintech coverage, engaging millennials to hedge fund managers with over eight and a half million weekly YouTube views and a social media following of over 250,000. Channels include the Digital Asset Report, The Impact, and FINTECH.TV main channel, and include a back catalogue of interviews with the world’s leading innovative fintechs, delivered through a network of globally recognized fintech hosts. The new deal will extend the platform with a reach of 850 million households globally.

“We saw a huge gap in the market not being filled by the traditional media outlets. First, the coverage of early-stage fintechs was negligible, especially media coverage of emerging technology that specializes in new financial areas outside of the traditional banking sector like crypto, digital assets and sustainable investment, and second, geographic coverage – fintech is global and is growing globally at an astonishing pace, and few media outlets were paying attention to the growing new audience of private market and private equity investors,” says Vince Molinari, chief executive of FINTECH.TV.

An example of this is the growth in the crypto-assets markets with an estimated 400 million users, traders and investors around the world including leading institutions, and the demand for market-led content and analysis – the crypto audience is forecast to grow 4x over the next couple of years. In addition, sustainable investing, and the focus on Environmental Social Governance (ESG) investing has grown dramatically during the COVID-19 crisis. More than 190 countries have already adopted the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a total reach of 2 billion people.

“Having secured key partnership early has been an important ingredient in our success. Exchange partnerships such as NSYE, NASDAQ and LSEG studios helped lead the way with content and distribution partners such as Global Digital Finance (GDF), Bloomberg, and CNBC,” says Molinari, “We are thrilled by the new partnership and capital investment from The Times of India Group, and believe this will spur distribution and expand our viewership and corporate footprint.”

The Times of India Group is the largest media conglomerate in India with a global reach. Group engages with over 550 million Indians every month via print, TV, radio, websites, apps, and out-of-home advertising sites. The Times Group’s key brands include The Times of India, the world’s largest broadsheet English daily; The Economic Times, India’s largest, and the world’s second-largest financial daily; Radio Mirchi, India’s largest FM radio network; Times Now, and ET Now, India’s leading English news and business news channels and Zoom, a leading general entertainment channel.

“We are incredibly pleased to welcome FINTECH.TV to the Brand Capital International portfolio,” said Neville Taraporewalla, President of BCCL Worldwide Inc & Brand Capital International, “Their in-depth coverage of blockchain, alternative technologies transitioning to public markets, digital assets, new regulatory policies on alternative and digital products will allow more Indians to gain access to the latest information and ultimately be better informed about investment opportunities. We look forward to helping support their mission through our vast media networks.”

“One of the biggest challenges we face is that of scaling quickly enough,” says Troy McGuire, FINTECH.TV’s Emmy award-winning co-founder and chief content officer, “We are taking on new content and distribution partners and a frightening pace, the demand for content across fintech segments is hot – but it is a nice problem to have, and the investment round has secured the team and resources to ensure we maintain our high standard of quality production across the world expected from our partners and investors as we move towards 24/7 coverage.”

With the global focus and growth in private markets and unregistered securities against a backdrop of decades of declining public market listings, alongside a new breed of innovators in digital financial products and services, FINTECH.TV is well-positioned. It has arguably moved quickly to occupy a big gap in the media space that incumbents, many who have been in the market for 20 more years, have possibly underestimated or overlooked.

With a Reg-A in the offing, watch this space, FINTECH.TV has rapidly established itself as the global fintech media platform that is the destination for early-stage and private market fintech content. With a global network of hosts and analysts that have deep content experience and vast networks in the fintech sector, they will be hard to catch.


  • Guest editor, at The Fintech Times, covering fintech, digital assets, and sustainable investments and promote policies for a transparent, secure and quality digital financial future for everyone.

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