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Fintech Fringe Forum Launches to Support Fintech Growth and Connections

London Tech Week‘s Fintech Fringe has introduced a new platform – Fintech Fringe Forum – aimed at supporting fintech startups in scaling their operations and growth.

The primary goal of the Fintech Fringe Forum – dubbed the ‘LinkedIn for Fintech’ – is to provide a dedicated space for fintechs to connect with industry experts as well as exchange practical insights. These insights span various critical areas, including customer acquisition, fundraising, regulatory compliance and brand strategy.

The platform also serves as a showcase for organisations, workshops, courses and events that contribute to the growth and development of fintech companies.

Members of Fintech Fringe Forum gain access to several key features:

  1. Connect with verified experts: Users can engage with experts who have a proven track record of working with high-growth fintech startups.
  2. Access resources and insights: The platform offers a wealth of resources and insights to support fintech growth initiatives.
  3. Explore financial and ecosystem support: Fintechs can discover available financial support options and understand the broader ecosystem, from grants to venture capital funding.
  4. Discover accelerators and growth programmes: Information on accelerator programmes and growth initiatives tailored for scaling fintech startups is readily available.
  5. Engage in discussion groups: Users can also participate in discussion groups, providing opportunities to connect with peers and subject-matter experts.
  6. Stay informed on industry events: The platform also keeps members updated on the latest industry events taking place across the UK.
  7. Participate in live events: Live events featuring industry experts and leaders are accessible through the platform.

In the future, the platform plans to expand its offerings to include courses, graduate hiring opportunities, job listings, investor insights, and a curated list of vetted suppliers.

Building connections

Calypso Harland, founder of Fintech Fringe, said: “UK fintech is one of the most robust, creative, and innovative industries in the world. We have a highly developed eco-system here, but all the various different types of assistance, information, and even people, aren’t all in one place.

“The goal of Fintech Fringe Forum is to reinforce the UK as a global hub for fintechs, making it much easier for them to find and research anything and everything that would help them scale and grow.  On top of that, the platform is designed to help build connections and communities that will accelerate fintechs towards their goals. It’s a one-stop-shop for all things fintech growth.

Upcoming events

Alongside the launch of Fintech Fringe Forum, Fintech Fringe has announced the dates for next year’s event series. Scheduled from 10 to 13 June 2024, this event series is an official fringe event of London Fintech Week. Key partners for the event include the Department for Business and Trade, CFIT, Fintech Alliance, Innovate Finance, Level39, London & Partners, Rise by Barclays, and other prominent fintech players.

Fintech Fringe is also introducing two new event series, beginning with ‘Rise & Shine’ and ‘Mastermind: What Are the Alternative Funding Options for Fintechs’, scheduled for 9 November. These practitioner-led event series will focus on providing dedicated content to support fintech leaders across different business functions.

“After such a successful festival at London Tech Week this year, we realised we were onto something,” Harland also said. “People told us Fintech Fringe was something fresh, something new, and they wanted to see us do more. So we’re acting on that starting with a fresh new programme of events in November thanks to our great partnership with Rise, created by Barclays. That, in addition to the launch of our exciting new platform, means we can bring fintechs, experts and the ecosystem together year-round.”

The Fintech Fringe Forum waitlist is now live, with full access available through desktop as well as an app starting from 1 November. This platform offers fintech startups a valuable opportunity to connect, learn, and grow within the fintech landscape.


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