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Fintech Founders: Lisa Cheng

TFT speaks to fintech founders about their business vision and challenges in the world of fintech and blockchain

TFT: What led you to starting this company?

Lisa Cheng

Lisa: Like a lot of people I heard about Bitcoin through the news and at the time thought it was a crazy idea and an even more ridiculous name. It wasn’t until I had left my career in software that I came across a bounty to create a database for $500 in bitcoin. The bounty was on the Bitcointalk Forum and it was the first time I was really exposed to it. The project offering the bounty was Mastercoin and they soon offered me a remote position. It was with them that I was first introduced to token sales as they were the first company to have ever done one and they were working on their second called Maidsafe. The way token sales were approached was still so new, and so unstructured that I felt there is a better way to do this — engaging people who were going to be users, talking to developers, and really driving the utility of the solution. This approach is what formed the bedrock for my company, Vanbex Group.

TFT: What’s the main problem you’re trying to solve?

Lisa: There’s not enough companies that are helping others invent, develop and launch blockchain solutions that make the world a better place.

TFT: What’s your vision behind the company? How is it going to change the world?

Lisa: We believe in blockchain’s potential to reshape our society and economy for the better, and our mission is to drive mainstream adoption by making its benefits accessible to anyone. Our vision is a world where people everywhere enjoy the use and empowering benefits of blockchain-based solutions on a daily basis.

TFT: Does it make any difference being a female founder VS a male founder in Blockchain?

Lisa: From experience, male founders are more competitive and like being the top guy in the room. As a woman, I don’t care about being perceived as the most powerful person in the room, I want to make the right decisions. As a female founder, I focus on making sure everyone is heard and that we are all on the same page. I approach things with a practical viewpoint and want everyone to understand my thinking and strategy for why we do things.

TFT: Your main piece of advice to other women in tech

Lisa: Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, women in particular are much better at connecting the dots – you don’t have to be the loudest person either, just the most logical.



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