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FinTech Alliance launches Mentoring Hub to boost UK FinTech talent

 FinTech Alliance has launched the latest feature on its fast-growing platform: the FinTech Alliance Mentoring Hub.

The hub aims to connect leaders in the financial services and technology fields with budding entrepreneurs and those hoping to move up the career ladder in FinTech, reflecting FinTech Alliance’s overall aim of developing UK talent in the FinTech arena as well as connecting key people and companies.

Mentoring is essential because it enables those starting out in the industry, or who are unsure of their next steps, to connect with someone who has been in a similar position and can help them find the right path. Mentees can discuss how to tackle problems, learning from someone else’s experience and mistakes. Often, people know what they want to achieve and the steps they need to take but just to talk things through.

Being a mentor is also an important positive step in both career and personal development. Mentors can learn equally from their mentees, as well as developing leadership skills and gaining satisfaction from making a difference to someone’s life.

On the FinTech Alliance website, users will be able to sign up as a mentor or a mentee. Mentors will list their skills and qualifications, and mentees will indicate the areas in which they wish to learn and develop. The platform will then match people based on their skills and interests. Anyone can apply to be a mentor or a mentee, and the Mentoring Hub is entirely free of charge.

Phil Vidler, CEO of FinTech Alliance, said: “The UK is at a stage where we have a mature, thriving FinTech ecosystem with experienced leaders across all parts of the sector. We now have a responsibility to come together and share this knowledge and best practice with one another and with new entrepreneurs coming in.

“FinTech Alliance is committed to building on this work and developing skills and talent across the UK, and mentoring is an important way to do this. Sharing insights and experiences not only supports new companies emerging into the sector, but will also add value to larger incumbents through bringing in new perspectives on products and future roadmaps.

Whether you are a developer starting your career in a small business or the CEO of a global FinTech, mentoring stands to benefit everyone.”


On the benefits of mentoring, Ann Boden, CEO, Starling Bank, said: “I had never met a chairman of a big company until I participated in the FTSE 100 cross company mentoring scheme. It really opened my eyes. Not only did I have a lot to learn from the chairmen who mentored me, but I realised that I had a lot to give too – and that helped me set my sights higher.”

The Mentoring Hub is now available on the FinTech Alliance website for users to sign up to. They will then receive an email confirming if they have been successful and outlining next steps.


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