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Finn AI and Glia Partner to Enhance Digital Customer Service Across Financial Services with AI

Finn AI and Glia have partnered to provide Banks, Credit Unions, Payments Platforms, and other Financial Institutions with the ability to enhance digital customer and member service through the use of AI-powered Chatbots.

As the Pandemic continues to force companies to identify new digital solutions Finn AI, a Vancouver-based AI-powered conversational banking technology provider, and Glia, a Digital Customer Service, have partnered to launch ‘Finn AI for Glia,’ an out-of-the-box banking chatbot has been integrated into Glia’s Digital Customer Service platform, designed to enable financial institutions to improve the customer and member experience, boost efficiencies and reduce response times.

“The pandemic has disrupted the way financial institutions have traditionally served their customers and members; with fewer people visiting the branch, banks and credit unions today face heightened demand and need for a digital-first approach to customer service and guidance, ” says Dan Michaeli, CEO, and co-founder of Glia. “This partnership with Finn AI directly supports our dedication to enabling modern and comprehensive digital customer service to businesses across the globe. By providing automated support through chatbots, our financial institution clients can more efficiently and effectively help customers, and members resolve issues and overcome roadblocks, ultimately saving time and improving customer retention and loyalty.”

The new Finn AI for Glia Banking Chatbot is available to clients through Glia’s AI Management Platform. It is pre-trained to understand and handle over five hundred common banking queries and tasks out of the box, providing a fast to deploy, low risk, and high impact digital self-service experience. Once live, financial institutions can deliver instant service for some of the most routine transactions and queries 24/7. The new solution is also built to seamlessly fit into banking call centres and work as a virtual Glia service agent with no integration required while offering automated service for bank and credit union clients.

“Banks and credit unions currently leveraging Glia’s platform have a chatbot solution built specifically for their environment and customer service mission,” says Jake Tyler, co-founder, and CEO of Finn AI. “They can avoid the costs, long training and development required with general AI platforms and quickly deploy an AI chatbot to handle the uptick in call volume and chat traffic resulting from customers and members moving to remote and digital banking.”

Due to COVID, companies have been forced to adapt how to maintain continuity in many functions, with customer service, an essential function, being one of the areas. According to a recent study by McKinsey, it’s up to financial institutions to “Improve experience in ways that also address efficiency” and suggests “that the pandemic is an opportunity for banks to help nearly half of US banking customers engage with their bank digitally on a more regular basis.” With so many other portions of the consumer’s life going digital, now may prove the key moment in the decades-long movement focused on digital transformation.


  • Managing Editor, North America at The Fintech Times

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