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Fairown Launches Sustainable Products-As-A-Service Model In Poland

The green fintech Fairown has confirmed its highly-anticipated launch into the Polish market, marking its continued expansion into the promising ecosystems of central Europe. 

The company promotes a circular economy by helping banks, brands and retailers to offer products-as-a-service through its white-label solution.

Fairown’s concept is orientated entirely around producing, consuming and reusing products. This approach advocates waste reduction and the limited use of raw materials; while also extending products’ lifetime value.

Through its suite of software and services, the company allows engaging customers to better manage the product life cycle, right through from purchase to periodic renewals, repurposing and recycling.

Fairown CEO Hendrik Roosna
Hendrik Roosna

Viewing the company’s Polish expansion as “the next logical step,” its CEO, Hendrik Roosna, says that on the back of positive feedback regarding its sustainable subscription model, “we are confident that Polish consumers will be equally welcoming and positive.”

The company is due to bring its model to the Polish market in partnership with Cortland, a premium reseller of Apple products, and Inbank, a bank offering digital financing solutions to 500,000 active clients across five countries.

“I want to thank our like-minded partners, Cortland and Inbank, and look forward to working with them as we focus on delivering our shared mission of moving towards a circular economy,” Roosna continues

The three-way partnership in Poland with Cortland and Inbank will see Fairown launch its circular economy offering, which is focused on reducing excessive waste, while its payment platform will allow
environmentally-conscious businesses to offer products for monthly subscriptions.

Under the partnership, Fairown will take responsibility for managing product renewal cycles; Inbank will provide the product financing; while Cortland will sell the product to consumers.

The premium reseller’s primary solution, SMART, enables the purchase of Apple smartphones through the most attractive terms available on the Polish market.

Tomasz Rzeski, country sales manager of the Inbank Branch in Poland, describes the offer and financing process as “extremely simple and transparent, and most importantly, they provide customers with significant savings.”

Rzeski continues: “Together with Cortland and Fairown, we are introducing an innovative product to the market that not only shapes new trends in the smart devices’ market, but also contributes to more sustainable consumption and supports the development of an environmentally friendly circular economy model.”

Extending products’ life cycle through renewals helps endorse environmentally friendly consumption and production.

“Sustainability defines us. We are driven by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which combine industry innovation with responsible consumption and production. Merchants and consumers can do so much together by making greener choices,” concluded Roosna. “We are all about giving them this opportunity.”

Fairown has already established a strong presence in the Nordics and Baltics, where it works with leading brands such as Apple, German power tools manufacturer STIHL, and Komplett, the largest e-commerce player in the Nordics. Today, more than 50,000 consumers are using Fairown’s monthly subscription service.


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