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Exscudo Launches Bug Bounty Campaign!

Exscudo, the financial ecosystem which unites cryptocurrency markets and traditional finance is happy to announce the beginning of the bug bounty program. Bug bounty officially started on October, 9.

A few weeks earlier the project also launched the EON blockchain public testing (testnet).Exscudo is developing a number of sophisticated products, including a trading platform, a mobile wallet, a decentralized messenger and a b2b merchant.

Therefore, the bug bounty campaign will have several stages, starting with the EON blockchain & node testing. Bug bounty participants will help Exscudo to improve the EON blockchain and get EONs.

Exscudo devoted 20% of the whole EON emission to the bug bounty buy authentic levitra rewards that is equal to 480 000 EONs. The reward will depend on the bug’s severity, which will be assessed by the Exscudo team. Terms and conditions of the campaign are described in detail in Exscudo blog.

Exscudo team wants to encourage more users to participate in the bug bounty campaign. If you happen to find a vulnerability in EON blockchain testnet do not hesitate to report it via or simply drop an email to [email protected]

Inna Goncharova, PR Director Exscudo


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