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What an Estonian startup can do for fintech in the UK

On April 26, Karoli Hindriks, founder and CEO of Jobbatical, will be speaking at FinTech North in Leeds.

Founded in 2014 in Tallinn, Estonia, Jobbatical connects globally-minded companies with tech talent from around the world. What, you may ask, does a job platform based in Estonia have to do with fintech in the UK? You’d be fully justified in asking — Jobbatical is not, strictly speaking, a fintech company by any stretch of the imagination.

The answer lies in what Jobbatical is doing to address one of fintech’s most urgent pain points.

Two words: talent shortage

Anyone with access to the internet—and an interest in the subject—can tell you that the fintech sector in the UK is facing a severe talent shortage. Key positions are taking months to fill, and recruiters are fighting to the death for the best people around—not a sustainable arrangement by any means.

Thus, three more words: global workforce mobility

Fintech’s reputation as a booming industry with near-infinite potential for innovation may be well-deserved, but hiring practices need to evolve along with the rest of the industry. As the shortage of talent threatens to stifle innovation in the sector, casting a global hiring net isn’t a luxury, but a necessity for fintech companies looking for a competitive edge.

The benefits of attracting global talent extend well beyond the bare necessity of Just Finding Someone to Do the Damn Job. Studies have found over and over that where there is diversity, innovation inevitably follows. In short, the world is running out of reasons not to hire beyond borders.

Driven by Jobbatical’s vision of a world where people and ideas move freely, Karoli Hindriks will be speaking at FinTech North about bridging the gap between talent-hungry companies and a global community of skilled professionals. See you there!

By Maria Magdaleena Lamp


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