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Estonia Leads Its Baltic Neighbours In Cashless Taxi Payments

In the context of its new partnership with payment service provider ECOMMPAY, Yandex.Taxi has shared insights into the payment behaviour of consumers within the Baltic region. Estonia holds the top spot in cashless transactions for ride-sharing services, with 70% of users opting for card payments.

Estonians have also been revealed to prefer Mastercard to Visa. The split is 94% to 6% in favour of the former. In Lithuania and Latvia, however, Visa transactions have proven to be more popular, with 27% and 22% of the market share, respectively.

Each of the above mentioned countries does share at least one trend in common: ride-sharing customers who pay by card use the service more frequently than those who pay in cash. In Estonia, those preferring card payments make 2.5 as many trips as their cash-paying counterparts, while cashless Latvian users take 1.7 times more trips. In Lithuania, card-paying customers make 85% more repeat orders on the Yandex.Taxi app.

Based on the data provided, card usage across all regions of Yandex.Taxi operations is increasing by an average of 2-3% per month.


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