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Equity Data Sciences Chooses FinX Capital Markets to Bolster Platform

Investment process management (IPM) software provider, Equity Data Science (EDS), has partnered with FinX Capital Markets to integrate its global multi-asset reference data into its IPM solutions.

The partnership expands EDS’ platform, enabling it to provide fundamental managers access to industry-standard analytics for fixed income, derivatives and crypto. The collaboration is to enable clients to merge all of their positions onto one platform. FinX Capital Markets’ capabilities also ensure EDS can further expand into broader markets.

The EDS platform facilitates institutional investors to leverage actionable insights efficiently. The platform looks to increase transparency and streamline the entire process.

Integrating FinX’s data automatically updates the content within the EDS platform. This ensures that clients receive accurate intelligence for more optimal decision-making. New analytics include valuation, cash flows, risk measurement, key rate durations, performance attribution and stress testing.

Paul Fahey, Northern Trust on FinX and EDS partnership
Paul Fahey, head of investment data science solutions at Northern Trust

Global bank Northern Trust made a strategic investment into EDS and its front office software in 2021. The software was positioned at the centre of Northern Trust’s Whole Office solution. The solution serves a range of clients including asset managers, investors and third-party administrators. Northern Trust’s partnership with EDS has given its clients the ability to embed data-driven feedback into investment decision-making.

Paul Fahey, head of investment data science solutions at Northern Trust, explained what EDS offered the bank. Fahey “Northern Trust’s partnership with EDS has given clients a tool to maximise their data. The tool also enables clients to embed data-driven feedback into their investment decision-making,”

“The addition of FinX Capital Markets’ global multi-asset reference data further enhances their ability to make measurable and actionable decisions in their search for alpha.”

Bolstering Equity Data Science’s platform

Geoff Fite, CEO at FinX Capital Markets, also discussed the partnership. Fite said: “The joint initiative between FinX Capital Markets and EDS provides customers with a new choice for analysing institutional mixed-asset portfolios.”

“FinX is the engine that powers fixed income analytics on EDS, covering all global bonds and structured products with accuracy and speed that is unmatched in the industry.”

Greg McCall
Greg McCall, president and co-founder at Equity Data Science

Greg McCall, president and co-founder at EDS, explained what the partnership could bring the company. McCall commented: “The partnership with FinX Capital Markets enables EDS to bolster its offering of a more holistic multi-asset class platform.”

“With FinX’s wide coverage of asset classes and securities, our clients can integrate industry-standard bond analytics into their fully configurable EDS platform.”

Recently, EDS also announced significant upgrades to its ‘Research Management System’. The move looked to allow investors to gain actionable insights quicker and more efficiently. The company explained that the system benefits the front office including research analysts, portfolio managers, traders and more.


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