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EPP System® | Electronic Payment Processes takes up Shufti Pro®

Need for digital KYC has compelled one of the pioneers in the payment processing industry to join hands with Shufti Pro® for an improved credibility experience through their digital identity verification services

BATH, United Kingdom – October, 2017 – Shufti Pro®, the Software as a Service, has collaborated with EPP System® to provide authentic and seamless digital identity verification services. They aim to verify new customers at every carrier level between bank-to-bank payment transfers. Banks provide a fixed budget to the PSPs, who then equally distribute the budget between their voluminous retailers. Those resellers then provide services to the merchants, completing the chain.

EPP System® works to endow their customers with safe and secure monetary transactions between banks. They have opted Shufti Pro’s e-KYC services to integrate at each carrier level mentioned above. Every step is separately tested for fraudulent consumers so no discrepancy disrupts the transfer processes. Online money exchanges are usually card-not-present transactions, so work is made easy for the fraudsters. Therefore, a certified system was definitely needed to make sure the customer is present with their own government-issued identity documents. EPP System will now be able to confirm the 3-dimensional presence of the user through Shufti Pro’s real-time video verification. The originality of the legal documents is also examined using intelligent verification system.

CEO, Shufti Pro® said:

“Our goal is to provide Electronic Payment Services to our rather sizeable number of customers. Opting for Shufti Pro’s digital ID verification services has allowed us realize our aim in a secure, accurate and efficient manner. We’re extremely proud to present our customers with quick, real-time verification services so they can enjoy the fast and effective experience seamlessly.”

Shufti Pro aims to make the digital markets secure so all high-risk transactions can be performed without the added apprehension of fraudsters and swindle connections. The rising star in the digital KYC and online identity verification services aims to get established as a symbol of the clients’ go-to service when in need. The successful integration of artificial and human intelligence has not only raised security protocols’ standards, rather have managed to attract more traffic to the SaaS owing to greater client satisfaction. Likely, Shufti Pro’s days in the sun have just begun now that they have EPP Systems as their on-board clients.


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