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Enfuce Announces Key Collaborations in France, UK, and Iceland as Part of Expansion Strategy

Enfuce, the female-led issuer processor, has unveiled three new strategic partnerships, as it continues with expansion plans across the likes of the UK, France and Iceland; while dipping its toes into not only the fintech sector, but also telecommunications, the public sector and employee benefits. 

Enfuce revealed it has partnered with French worktech unicorn Swile, UK-based public and social housing payment service provider allpay, and Icelandic Síminn Pay, the fintech arm of Síminn – the largest telecom service provider in Iceland.

By joining forces with Swile, Enfuce plans to create an all-in-one benefits card, which could benefit around three million users across France in a move to facilitate major advancements in expense management.

Meanwhile, its partnership with allpay sees it address losses to fraud in the UK public sector, by integrating cloud-based card payment solutions to enhance the security of transactions for over 200 local authorities and 500 housing associations. This collaboration also provides allpay access to Enfuce’s fraud and dispute management experts and PCI-DSS certified platform, ensuring a secure and modernised payment environment.

Finally, Enfuce is set to launch a new virtual commerce card programme for Síminn Pay and its business client base of around 14,000 in Iceland, equipped with a unique CO2 calculator by climate action platform Deedster.


Swile plans to leverage Enfuce’s cloud-based issuer processing capabilities, to consolidate multiple employee benefits, from meal to mobility and culture vouchers into one standalone card. With over three million users expected to hop on board with this groundbreaking solution, the card works in physical stores and online, and it can be added to digital wallets – just like regular payment cards.

Quentin Vigneau, product director of payments at Swile, commented: “After more than one year of partnership with Enfuce, we have been just extremely happy about the level of commitment, enthusiasm, and craft Enfuce put in motion in order to help us deliver our card programs.

“This collaboration is instrumental in our ability to move fast across multiple geographies with an iterative approach to innovate. I guess it’s really about this great feeling you get with outstanding partner teams: they seem to be fully part of the company.”

“This all-in-one card is truly changing the game for the entire employee benefits space, promising a single and easily accessible employee payment card, which makes life easier for both businesses and their employees,” explained Denise Johansson, co-founder and co-CEO of Enfuce.

“We’re proud to have launched a unique and groundbreaking solution, which is unparalleled in the market and we’re confident that with Swile we will continue on this journey to transform the future of employee benefits.”


According to the National Audit Office in March 2023, the public sector loses around £33.2billion to fraud and error each year. In an effort to help address this, allpay will gain access to comprehensive prevention measures to minimise fraud and compliance risks, by working with a team of fraud and dispute management experts from Enfuce.

Operating 24/7, Enfuce’s fraud prevention system includes continuous monitoring, portfolio analysis, thorough fraud reporting, and proficient second-line support.

Michelle Pacey, managing director at allpay, comments: “Partnering with Enfuce allows us to leverage their advanced technology and expertise to enhance our payment solutions. This collaboration is a significant step in our commitment to providing secure, efficient and reliable payment services to the UK public sector, ultimately benefiting the communities we serve.”

Monika Liikamaa, co-founder and co-CEO of Enfuce, also said: “With our advanced, fully compliant and modular tech stack, we’re confident that we can contribute to allpay’s mission of transforming payments in the public sector.

“Our comprehensive suite includes seamlessly integrated APIs, robust dispute and fraud management and value-added services, ensuring a secure and innovative payment solution specifically designed for governmental services in the UK.”

Síminn Pay

Síminn Pay also has plans to introduce a commercial card solution offering an easy onboarding process and accessible credit lines for its customers. The new open-loop Mastercard credit card, sponsored by Enfuce, is a virtual card compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Gunnar Hafsteinsson, managing director of Síminn Pay, discussed the partnership: “Our partnership with Enfuce introduces an innovative commercial card solution that significantly benefits our business clients.

“By integrating Deedster’s CO2 calculator, we are reinforcing our commitment to sustainability and enhancing the value we offer to our customers. This new programme not only expands our financial services but also empowers our clients to make environmentally conscious decisions. We look forward to seeing the positive impact this will have on our clients and the Icelandic business community.”

Monika Martinsson, co-founder and head of growth at Deedster, also added: “We’re excited to see this kind of leadership in the financial sector, where multiple players recognise what it takes to accelerate the shift and create real impact. This alliance will enable us to facilitate reporting for thousands of SMEs and change business norms in the process. With the service from Deedster, we provide the data and insights needed to act on the current transition.”


  • Tom joined The Fintech Times in 2022 as part of the operations team; later joining the editorial team as a journalist.

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