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Enecuum and GEM Capital Conclude Partnership Agreement

Enecuum, the first and only global blockchain platform that enables crypto-mining on smartphones, has concluded a partnership agreement with GEM Capital, an international investment fund with more than $400M in assets under management and offices in Zurich and Moscow. GEM Capital operates in private equity, venture capital and established its crypto investments division in 2017, and it intends to invest significant funds in the development of the Enecuum blockchain platform.

Stan Prikhodko, Head of crypto asset management of GEM Capital commented on his firm’s decision“Enecuum is the second crypto-project in the world in which we intend to invest heavily. This platform is consistent with our vision of the future. In addition to the impressive transaction speed, Enecuum allows smartphone users to become crypto-miners without effort and it provides them with the opportunity to earn passive income. We are confident that the project team is able to implement all our plans. That is why we decided to support the platform.”

Mikhail Saifullin of Enecuum also commented on the new partnership“We highly appreciate the trust of GEM Capital Fund and are delighted at the prospect of developing new opportunities together. Over the past few months, interest in our technology has multiplied. We are at the stage of active negotiations with leading business structures and governments around the world to implement a platform for solving practical problems that will improve people’s lives. Our goal is to make blockchain a mass technology that is simple and understandable to use for each of the seven billion people on our planet.”


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