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ekko and Tusk Put Spotlight on Conservation Through New Partnership

With a focus on sustainability, UK-based embedded sustainability fintech, ekko, is partnering with Tusk, an African conservation firm, to enable banks, merchants and payment providers to embed new conservation-centric dimensions into their products and services.  

As part of the partnership, ekko and Tusk have curated a portfolio of African conservation projects that businesses can now support as they deploy ekko’s infrastructure to their end consumer. The portfolio consists of a range of projects spanning 13 nations and varied specialisms. It includes:

  • anti-poaching
  • conservation technology
  • community-driven conservation

Additionally, it includes initiatives that support some of the most threatened species in the world like pangolin and mountain gorilla.

Support conservation case study

One such example is CLAWS, a project that combines technology for lion conservation and protecting local livestock without risking animal lives. By undertaking science-based projects, the organisation has been helping to reduce conflict between people and predators since 2014. Thanks to ekko and Tusk, the organisation will now receive additional backing to support this important effort.

Other projects included in the ekko and Tusk’s portfolio are South African-based vulture conservation organisation VulPro, Rwanda Wildlife Conservation Association and Painted Dog Conservation, Zimbabwe. Together, the two companies are committed to amplifying conservation projects. As a result, this helps to preserve critical habitats, protect endangered species, and combat the illegal wildlife trade. All the while they empower local communities and promote environmental education.

One big step for sustainability

Speaking on the partnership, Oli Cook, CEO and co-founder of ekko commented: “The importance of this collaboration cannot be understated in the context of the sustainability movement. The intricate balance of animals, natural landscapes, and indigenous communities forms an essential pillar of the global ecosystem. Alongside Tusk, we share a commitment to nurture and safeguard our planet.”

Cook continued: “Fintech has an incredibly exciting role to play in our global challenge to be more sustainable. Combining forces with the incredible teams at Tusk to bring sustainability to every payment in the world has the potential to make a seismic impact on one of the most important challenges facing the global community.”

Speaking on the partnership, Dan Bucknell, executive director at Tusk commented: “Tusk is thrilled to join forces with ekko. Our shared mission is clear: we want to create profound, lasting impacts. Impacts that benefit both the vibrant communities and the diverse wildlife of Africa. This partnership signifies a bold step forward in our continued commitment to the continent’s enduring legacy.”

Charlie Mayhew OBE, founder of Tusk, added “The emerging potential of embedded fintech’s role in funding conservation is exciting to witness. This is a really promising partnership. We look forward to collaborating with ekko on the journey to a sustainable future for businesses and consumers.”


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